Lawsuits to Force Climate Regulations on US

Lawsuits to Force Climate Regulations on US

New York State’s Attorney General has generated headlines with his lawsuit against Exxon-Mobile.

But the real action is now just emerging as environmental extremists begin to use the courts to force their view of global warming on all Americans.

Recently, a U.S. economist, Jeffrey Sachs, urged citizens to “flood the courts” with legal cases to demand the right to a safe and clean environment. As an example of those who have suffered from carbon pollution caused by others, he pointed to Caribbean nations who have been “paying for the damage from increasingly strong weather.”

He is not alone in efforts to sue CO2 emitters, such as big oil, and also governments who don’t take action against so-called CO2 pollution.

  • The cities of San Francisco and Oakland have filed suit against five oil companies, seeking billions in damages to protect against rising sea levels.
  • In Oregon, teenagers have sued the federal government in a case known as “Our Children’s Trust,” claiming that government inaction has contributed to climate change and violated “their constitutional right to life, liberty and property.”

On the world stage, a German court has agreed to hear a lawsuit brought by a Peruvian farmer against RWE, one of Germany’s largest utility companies.

The decision to hear the case has been called an historic breakthrough.

The Peruvian farmer claims that RWE’s CO2 emissions have contributed to global warming that is now melting a glacier that will result in the flooding of his property.

This has huge implications for Americans.

A verdict in favor of the Peruvian farmer will mean that anyone anywhere in the world can sue someone else thousands of miles away in another country for damages from so-called “carbon pollution.”

This is one of several important reasons for the United States to withdraw from the UNFCCC treaty.

Withdrawing from the Paris Accord was not enough, because the United States remains subject to the UNFCCC treaty. The UNFCCC treaty was ratified by the US Senate in 1992, which carries with it the obligation to comply with the treaty.

The UNFCCC treaty says:

“[Each country] has the responsibility to ensure that activities within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to the environment of other states or of areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction.”

The Peruvian lawsuit fits this provision of the UNFCCC treaty.

By not withdrawing from the UNFCCC treaty the United States remains vulnerable to similar lawsuits.

United States Supreme Court

Extreme environmentalists see lawsuits as a tool for forcing their views onto all Americans.

It’s another attack on the freedom of all Americans.

Each of these lawsuits will have to be defended, probably all the way to the Supreme Court.

It will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to defend against these lawsuits, even though their claims are baseless: Hundreds of millions from corporations and hundreds of millions from taxpayers.

These lawsuits will harm the economy and destroy jobs.

While extreme environmentalists have the right to file these lawsuits, Americans should be aware of how the left is trying to use the court system to force their political views on all Americans.

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  1. These law suits are based on science. The courts will hear them and hopefully judges will not be paid off. These cases will reach the media and the American people.

    • Correct. Judge, William Alsup of Federal District Court in San Francisco, dismissed the lawsuit in California, indicating it should be Congress and the Eecutive branches that should decide the issue.
      Thanks for your comment.

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