China Moves Ahead, While US Falls Behind

..China Moves Ahead, While US Falls Behind… China has consolidated its nuclear power industry by combining two major Chinese nuclear companies, CNEC and CNNC, into a single powerhouse. The new company will have 150,000 employees. For comparison, Google has 72,000. Continue reading China Moves Ahead, While US Falls Behind

Clean is Cool, But is it Good?

…Clean is Cool, But is it Good?… How can clean not be good? No one wants dirty. Yet, that is how an important argument, affecting everyone, everywhere has been framed. A scientific issue has been wrapped in a mantle of Continue reading Clean is Cool, But is it Good?

New England Solar Madness

…New England Solar Madness… A previous article praised the ISO-NE for pre-planning the use of oil to save the grid from blackouts during this January’s freeze. Data from ISO-NE can also demonstrate the madness of trying to rely on solar Continue reading New England Solar Madness

Oil Saves New England

…Oil Saves New England… During the coldest days this past January, the New England grid was on the brink of disaster, and only pre-planning by ISO-NE, with emergency actions by the Coast Guard and luck kept the lights on. The Continue reading Oil Saves New England

Carbon Capture Nirvana

…Carbon Capture Nirvana… McKinsey & Company has been supporting the AGW position that CO2 is the cause of climate change, and has recently touted carbon capture and usage as a means for cutting CO2 emissions in a “carbon constrained world.” Continue reading Carbon Capture Nirvana

Growth in Electricity Consumption – Part 2

…Growth in Electricity Consumption – Part 2… Perhaps a better title would have been, Effects of the LED Revolution. In Part 1 we saw that if LEDs had replaced virtually all incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps in 2017, total consumption Continue reading Growth in Electricity Consumption – Part 2