Validity of Grid Access Fees

…The Validity of Grid Access Fees… After every major storm, there is a hue and cry in the media about how the utility company didn’t do enough to protect its customers from outages and get them back online more quickly. Continue reading Validity of Grid Access Fees

Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar

…Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar… California, with great fanfare and huge media accolades, announced it will mandate the use of PV rooftop solar on all new homes, including any building of three stories or less, beginning in 2020. But, does Continue reading Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar

Picking and Choosing

…Picking and Choosing… It’s been interesting to read all the glowing stories about how renewables are competitive with coal and natural gas power plants.  Here is a headline from Forbes: “Production Cost Of Renewable Energy Now ‘Lower’ Than Fossil Fuels” Continue reading Picking and Choosing

Endangering American Lives

…Endangering American Lives… ISO-NE has analyzed the potential for blackouts in New England and has requested a waiver from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to keep a natural gas plant online due to fuel security risks. This quote is Continue reading Endangering American Lives

Renewables Increase Costs

…Renewables Increase Costs… There has been a running debate about whether the special advantages given to renewables, such as renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and net metering, add to the price consumers pay for electricity. Net metering was introduced to encourage Continue reading Renewables Increase Costs

Fusion Power

…Fusion Power… Generating electricity from fusion rather than fission of atoms has been a dream ever since the first hydrogen bomb was exploded. What was originally seen as an easily solvable scientific problem, i.e., how to control the plasma, has Continue reading Fusion Power