Fusion Power

…Fusion Power… Generating electricity from fusion rather than fission of atoms has been a dream ever since the first hydrogen bomb was exploded. What was originally seen as an easily solvable scientific problem, i.e., how to control the plasma, has Continue reading Fusion Power

The Race is On

The Tesla has received all the publicity, but there is another zero emissions vehicle available, the Toyota FuelCell Vehicle (FCV), the Mirai. The Mirai has an MRSP of $57,500, which is less than the Tesla’s 70D. (Tesla advertises a price Continue reading The Race is On

Another Look At Hydrogen

A book published in 2002 predicted that a hydrogen economy would redistribute power around the earth. Its title included the headline: “When there is no more oil.” The book, The Hydrogen Economy, was much ado about nothing. Aside from the Continue reading Another Look At Hydrogen

Storage is Essential for Wind and Solar

  Electricity must be generated as it’s being used, so that demand and supply are always kept in balance. This is a critical factor with respect to unreliable, wind and solar. When the wind stops blowing or the sun stops Continue reading Storage is Essential for Wind and Solar

Hydrogen Still the Car of the Future

The recent article in Fortune magazine opined that the hydrogen-powered car may actually happen. I’m not betting on it, except that California’s zero emission standards may force car makers to sell hydrogen cars since EVs aren’t doing very well. As Continue reading Hydrogen Still the Car of the Future

Hydrogen Conundrum

Hyundai has just released a new hydrogen-powered car in New Zealand – the ix35 Fuel Cell SUV. It emits water from its tail pipe, so why isn’t it on the front burner for environmentalists? Right now, environmentalists are focused on battery-powered vehicles, Continue reading Hydrogen Conundrum