The War on Methane and Freedom

In 2012, the Sierra Club declared war on natural gas, which is methane. Here is how the Sierra Club portrayed the issue: “Fossil fuels have no part in America’s energy future — coal, oil and natural gas are literally poisoning Continue reading The War on Methane and Freedom

America’s Energy Revolution

Fracking has revolutionized the oil and natural gas industry, with virtually no assistance from the government … and Fracking is being improved all the time. It was through George Mitchell’s tireless efforts that Fracking in shale formations became possible. Historically, Continue reading America’s Energy Revolution

Good News About Fracking

While extreme environmentalists continue to demonize fracking by publishing misleading, inaccurate sensational information, the country continues to benefit from increased oil and gas supplies and more jobs. New, scientifically done studies continue to show that fracking doesn’t cause environmental problems. Continue reading Good News About Fracking

Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates

The article, Do We Have Enough Natural Gas?, established that the United States has technically recoverable reserves that will last for decades, even with increased usage for coal to gas switching and some LNG exports. The question remains whether LNG Continue reading Natural Gas Bonanza from Hydrates