Proof that Wind and Solar are Unreliable

…Proof that Wind and Solar are Unreliable… We have known for a long while, something that the enthusiasts of renewable energy have denied: Wind and solar power generation is unreliable. Enthusiasts, when confronted with the unreliability of wind and solar, Continue reading Proof that Wind and Solar are Unreliable

Living in an Orwellian Era

…Living in an Orwellian Era… In what could now be identified as the Orwellian Era, where the meaning of words is twisted to mean the opposite of their historical meaning, environmental advocates use Orwellian techniques to promote their objectives. The Continue reading Living in an Orwellian Era

Australian Heatwave Excuses

The Australian heatwave of 2017 should be a wakeup call that renewables are unreliable, and not be the basis for excuses in efforts to explain away the recent South Australia blackouts. The South Australia government had been warned about the Continue reading Australian Heatwave Excuses

Grid Storage Reality

The only potential solution for the problems caused by wind and solar generated electricity is storage. But are there limits to storage? Is it possible to provide sufficient storage to allow the closing of a large number of fossil fuel Continue reading Grid Storage Reality

Wind and Solar Inflict Pain

Actual costs show that wind and solar are more costly than natural gas or coal for generating electricity. Equally important is that wind and solar create problems for utilities and grid operators. This is best explained using the Duck curve Continue reading Wind and Solar Inflict Pain