Dereliction of Duty

It’s infuriating when politicians who vote for cap & trade legislation don’t read what their signing before voting.

The Waxman – Markey bill, HR 2454, was over 1400 pages long. It’s virtually impossible to read the bill with its many references to other laws and obtuse terminology. The Kerry – Lieberman bill in the Senate is only 900 pages long, but is still extremely difficult to read – and understand.

Bills this long are a travesty that undermine our legal system and place too much power in the hands of bureaucrats who will administer the legislation. These bills will require regulations that are developed by bureaucrats.

A key phrase in each of these bills is: “The Administrator.”

In the Waxman – Markey bill it means the heads of agencies in the government.

The term “administrator” occurs 846 times in the Waxman – Markey bill. In other words, our legislators are abrogating their responsibilities by allowing the “administrators” to establish regulations and make key decisions about each element of cap & trade legislation.

Here are some things Congress is delegating to bureaucrats.

  • The administrator shall promulgate regulations providing for the distribution of emission allowances allocated pursuant to section 782(f).
  • The administrator shall establish regulations as to how allowances are to be distributed.
  • The administrator shall establish design elements and requirements for electric vehicle programs.
  • The Administrator shall distribute allowances allocated pursuant to section 782(g)(2) of the Clean Air Act to the SEED Account for each state.

Have you heard of SEED accounts?

With “administrator” being mentioned 846 times in the Waxman – Markey bill, this list of items being delegated to bureaucrats will be much longer, but it’s clear the authority being delegated to bureaucrats by cap & trade legislation is appalling.

Cap & trade is inherently bad, but bureaucrats will make it worse.

We can do better than having Senators and House members who don’t read the bills they sign and then allow bureaucrats to establish regulations that will cripple our economy.


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