Environmental Humor

Occasionally, environmentalists can be funny, even when they are trying to be serious.

A few weeks ago, my daughter was at the store when she saw some environmentally friendly toiletries.

There was a bottle of shampoo, another of conditioner and a third that was a body wash.

What caught her attention, and mine when I saw it, was a bar of environmentally friendly soap.

What distinguished this bar of soap from others was the elliptical hole in the center of the bar.

Here is the note on the box containing the soap.

“This innovative ergonomically shaped ‘waste-reducing’ soap has been designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars.”

Of course, this is pure nonsense. When the walls of the ellipse in the bar of soap becomes too thin they will collapse into a flat, thin mass of soap – exactly the same as the flat, thin mass that’s left over from a traditional bar of soap.

I suppose that some environmentalist thought he or she was creating a new way to save the planet– by creating a new “Green” product.

What this bar of soap really demonstrates is the shallowness of the thinking of environmental extremists.

Obviously, this soap doesn’t reduce waste, but it does increase the cost of soap on an ounce for ounce basis.

No environmental improvement, at higher cost is the same prescription for high-cost electricity envisaged by environmental extremists.

Even so, a bar of soap with a hole in it is comical. I suppose if the hole were even bigger it would be even more environmentally friendly. Of course, if the hole was as large as the bar of soap, it would be infinitely environmentally friendly.

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