Bet Your Country

“Step right up, ladies and gentleman, place your bets. Bet your country.”

They not only want us to bet our country, they want us to bet our civilization.

There are four horses in the global warming race.

They are depicted in this chart by Professor Easterbrook.

Sunspot projections
Temperatures with varying sunspots

First, there is the horse favored by the UN, IPCC Projections. Its racing colors are solid red.

Then there are the three other horses:

Cooling, whose racing colors are Snow White.

Getting Colder, whose racing colors are Bright White.


New Little Ice Age, whose racing colors are an Icy Blue.

Some handicappers say that sun spots are causing temperatures to get colder and they say we should bet on Getting Colder. Some are even saying bet on New Little Ice Age.

These handicappers point to three recent studies released by NSO’s Solar Synoptic Network, “predicting the virtual vanishing of sunspots for the next several decades and the possibility of a solar minimum similar to the Maunder Minimum.”

According to one scientist, “the fact that three completely different views of the Sun point in the same direction is a powerful indicator that the sunspot cycle may be going into hibernation.”

As Professor Easterbrook points out, “The last time sunspots vanished from the sun for decades was during the Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1700 AD, which was marked by drastic cooling of the climate and the maximum cold of the Little Ice Age.”

There are other handicappers, paid for by the UN, who say to bet on the horse with red colors, IPCC Projections. They essentially say the sun is irrelevant, or at best, a distraction, and that the UN’s IPCC knows best.

In this race, it costs more to bet on IPCC Projections because of the money that has to be spent on inefficient solar and wind energy, and expensive electric vehicles.

The problem is, if we put all our money on IPCC Projections and it loses, we will have eliminated fossil fuels that can keep us warm if New Little Ice Age wins.

All the money spent on solar and wind mills will be wasted if New Little Ice Age or Getting Colder wins. PV Solar and concentrating solar won’t work very well when the panels and mirrors are covered with ice. Wind mills will have problems when their blades are weighted down with ice.

It’s going to be harder to grow wheat, corn and other foods when the ground is frozen and temperatures are at or near freezing in what are now the breadbaskets of the world.

For example, look at Europe in the 1600’s.

Rather than betting on IPCC Projections, wouldn’t it be wise to stop betting on the red horse – at least until the odds become clearer? However, it’s already clear that IPCC Projections has lost the race over the past ten years with cooling prevailing. In horse racing parlance, isn’t it time to put IPCC Projections out to pasture?


Professor of Geology, Don J. Easterbrook, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

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