All of the Above Nonsense

All of the above has become the mantra for politicians who want to avoid criticism.

For the administration, it allows it to pretend it isn’t trying to kill coal.

For others, including many Republicans, it allows them to say that wind and solar should be included in the energy mix, which protects them from being criticized by environmentalists.

All of the above has become a smoke screen.

The assumption is that it’s “vitally important to boost all forms of sustainable energy as much as possible.” And “The world is moving in very much the same direction [as Europe].” (Quotes are from recent European news article.)

But why should that be the case? Europe has chosen a path that forces it to use expensive and unreliable forms of energy, such as wind and solar, in order to cut CO2 emissions.

It would seem as though Europe is whistling past the graveyard, in this case the graveyard of nations.

We, in the United States and Canada, have enough oil to last 200 years. We have enough coal to last longer than 200 years. We have enough natural gas to last for at least 100 years.

Why is there a need for the United States to adopt expensive and unreliable forms of energy?

An energy policy that is based on market forces will select the most efficient and least costly forms of energy.

An energy policy that promotes economic growth will create jobs and provide the country with the economic strength to compete in the world economy with China and India.

An energy policy that creates economic prosperity in the United States can help the poor nations in Africa and elsewhere to develop their economies.

When anyone says he or she is in favor of an all of the above strategy, it should be prima facie evidence that he or she doesn’t know the facts, or is trying to skirt the issue.

An all of the above strategy is no strategy.

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