I have been publishing articles on energy issues for over a year and have decided to use social media to encourage more people to become involved with these issues.

Governments at the state and federal levels enact legislation that affects the availability and cost of energy. The future prosperity of the country could depend on whether these laws promote good energy policies.

As most of you know, my articles on energy issues are on the blog, PowerForUSA ,Donn Dears, LLC.

I have recently created a Facebook page to help more people become aware of these articles.

Here’s the link to my new Power For USA page on Facebook:

On Facebook, I’ll be sharing links to my articles, as well as related industry information.

I hope you “Like” it.

If interested, you can also follow me on twitter at @powerforusa

As always, if you find these articles on energy issues interesting and informative, you can have them delivered directly to your mailbox by going to the Email Subscription heading below the photo accompanying each article.

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  1. Donn,

    It sounds like a good idea (leveraging Facebooks capabilities to increase awareness of energy/policy issues) to me. Speaking of awareness- I wasn’t able to download a recent report entitled “Rewiring California- Integrating Agendas for Policy Reform” by the Little Hoover Commission yesterday as their server was down. I did find one reference to the report that you will likely find of interest-

    “The 107-page analysis, “Rewiring California,” outlined the mistakes made during the administration of former Gov. Gray Davis, which resulted in a crisis that sent electricity rates skyrocketing, and warned of the possibility of similar policy errors.”

    And thanks for the post on the efforts needed to keep the lights on earlier in the week. My aunt used to live in Sandusky, Ohio and the lake effect storms used to play havoc with their utility service- phone and electric primarily.

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