The Camel’s Nose

The EPA’s proposal for cutting CO2 30% by 2030 seems innocuous. Some industry commentators have even been quoted as saying the rules could have been more severe, and that they will be able to comply with the rules without too much difficulty.

Are they the lambs being led to slaughter?

It may be easy to comply with the proposed regulations, but they will adversely affect the economy and hurt people with higher electric bills.

Obviously, the requirement to cut CO2 emissions 30% below the levels of 2005, is not a huge hurdle, since emissions have already been cut by around 15% because of the slow economy and the advent of cheap natural gas.

For most states, cutting CO2 emissions another 15% won’t be too arduous a task. Some states will have more difficulty than others, but nationally, another 15% cut is not a huge challenge.

But why issue regulations that won’t accomplish very much, if anything?

Cutting CO2 emissions another 15% won’t affect global warming, if CO2 in the atmosphere is the cause of global warming … which is highly debatable.

The IPCC has said it is necessary for developed countries, which includes the United States, to cut their emissions 80% by 2050, or there will be a climate catastrophe.

The EPA has also said it is its objective to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050.

CO2 emissions with 80% cut
CO2 emissions with 80% cut

Cutting CO2 emissions 80% will have draconian effects on the United Sates, bringing CO2 emissions to levels last seen well before the First World War, or 114 years ago. There weren’t many automobiles, airplanes, air-conditioning units, etc., in place in 1900.

Even this administration recognizes that China and India, and other developing countries are increasing their CO2 emissions at a rapid rate, with China for example, now exceeding the emissions of the United States.

This administration has said establishing these regulations will set an example for China and the other developing countries, so that they will follow the example set by the United States.

Can anyone really believe that China and India, and the poor countries of Africa are going to limit their economic development because the United States cuts its emissions 30%? Don’t they need electricity for lighting, heating, cooking, etc., to improve their standard of living and increase their lifespans?

Even Europe, the paragon for rules to cut CO2 emissions, is building coal-fired power plants, with CO2 emissions probably increasing once again.

Worldwide, CO2 emissions are going to increase no matter what the United States does.

So why introduce regulations to cut CO2 emissions 30% by 2030?

Clearly, a 15% cut won’t do much toward achieving an 80% cut in CO2 emissions, unless the strategy is to slip this rule into place without much resistance, and thereby establish the basis for making much larger cuts later.

Once these regulations are in place, and have cleared the anticipated legal hurdles, the EPA need merely change the targets for each state, thereby forcing the states to cut emissions more dramatically.

The newly proposed regulations allows the camel to stick its nose under the edge of the tent, so it can gain full access later. After all, the EPA has said it wants to cut CO2 emissions 80% by 2050.

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