Environmentalists Discredited

Should environmental organizations be trusted?

Two recent events confirm the worst about these organizations.

Not satisfied with their past discredited efforts against fossil fuels, Greenpeace vandalized the historic Nazca site in Peru, where they caused irreparable damage. Their actions prove they will go to any extreme to promote their “cause”.

At Nazca, Greenpeace hurt the people of Peru.

Picture of Greenpeace defiling NAZCA ruins in Peru.
Picture of Greenpeace defiling NAZCA ruins in Peru.

The Sierra Club has produced a video against fracking that is pure propaganda, virtually devoid of facts … bordering on lies. The video would hurt Americans if it were accepted at face value.

The truth is that fracking has resulted in huge benefits for Americans, without damaging the environment … and without contaminating water supplies. See Fracking Benefits America.

So how does the Sierra Club distort and mislead with its video, Fracking 101?

It begins with the distorted claim that fossil fuels are diminishing globally. In fact, fossil fuel reserves are increasing. As oil and natural gas are used, new reserves are discovered.

Natural gas reserves had declined in the lower 48 states before the advent of fracking, but Alaskan reserves were still plentiful. Reserves in Russia and the Mideast are still plentiful. Reserves in Canada are increasing. Reserves in Argentina are increasing.

The industry turned to fracking in the United Sates because there were huge reserves that could not be accessed using traditional methods.

The video claims that Fracking is a more dangerous extraction method, which distorts the truth. The most dangerous, but still safe method of extraction is probably deep water drilling, a mile below the ocean’s surface.

Fracking is no more dangerous or expensive than drilling for oil.

The Sierra Club video then claims that dangerous chemicals are used that endanger the water supply.

While chemicals are used, they do not endanger the water supply. Some of the chemicals are very common household names, such as Muriatic Acid used in swimming pools. A few may be more dangerous, but still can’t endanger water supplies. The chemicals used in fracking are now, with a few exceptions, known to everyone.

The claim that fracking fluid extracted from wells is dumped into rivers is a gross exaggeration. Only one instance of this is known to have occurred, and the individual responsible has been convicted of the act.

Used fracking fluids are trucked to where they can be safely disposed, or, more recently, they are treated on site. See Fracking Gets Better.

Insinuating that fracking fluids are routinely dumped into rivers is a distortion, befitting of the worst con man.

The worst distortion in the video depicts fracking fluid and natural radiation seeping into aquifers. Some might describe this as a lie, especially as the video depicts the fracking fluid flowing downward into aquifers. In reality, the aquifers are thousands of feet above the shale.

Fracking takes place thousands of feet below aquifers, with thick layers of rock separating the fracking fluid from aquifers. There have been no proven examples of fracking fluid migrating from the shale to aquifers.

In fact, it is virtually impossible.

The video also says that flaring methane in North Dakota can be seen from space, but this is not surprising as methane has frequently been flared around the world. For example, flares in Saudi Arabia can be seen from space. But attempts are now being made to capture and use the methane gas rather than flaring it.

The claim that air and water pollution from fracking can lead to cancer and other diseases is an unfounded claim … a pure distortion, verging on being a lie.

Methane is the primary gas resulting from fracking and the chemicals from the shale can’t get into the water supply. Methane is used in homes for cooking and heating, and, except for being explosive, is considered safe. The leftover chemicals are locked underground. There is no polluting of aquifers from fracking.

The Sierra Club has declared war on natural gas, i.e., methane, because it supposedly has a greater effect on global warming than CO2.

These events demonstrate that environmental organizations will go to any length, including damaging national historic sites, such as the Nacza site in Peru, and make any distortion, such as the Fracking 101 video, to further their war on natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Should they be trusted? You decide.

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