New Clean Energy Movement

There is a new movement underway, and the countries leading the movement are the ones that have experienced the effects of so-called clean energy.

The UK is coming to grips with energy poverty and the backlash against unsightly and noisy wind turbines.

The UK government is scrapping its Renewables Obligation for onshore wind projects which have been supported with billions of dollars of government money.

The accompanying cartoon is based on the UK’s real experience with wind energy.

UK Wind Cartoon from B Peiser 15-07-12

In addition to the cut in subsidies for wind farms, the UK government has also abandoned its plans for zero carbon homes.

As reported in the Times by its environmental editor, “Builders will no longer be forced to install solar panels, heat pumps and other measures to reduce the need for new homes to use fossil fuels.”

“Zero carbon homes” was the UK equivalent to California’s zero net energy homes program that will cost California taxpayers millions of dollars.

In another country that has had firsthand experience with the Green movement and its push for so-called clean energy, the Australian government has cancelled all wind farm subsidies.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has been instructed to immediately stop any new investments in wind power projects. The CEFC is a $10 billion funding mechanism for clean energy projects.

The ban also includes funding for small solar projects, essentially PV rooftop solar projects.

These examples should be cautionary tales for the United States. These are countries that have had firsthand experience with so-called clean energy programs.

Sooner or later, the average person realizes these programs cost billions of dollars that come out of the pockets of working men and women.

It’s time for U.S. governments, at all levels, to stop subsidizing wind, solar, batteries and storage, and follow the lead of the UK and Australian governments.


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