Remarkable Air Quality Improvements

The administration’s promotion of its Clean Power Plan (CPP) relies heavily, in addition to an over emphasis on disasters supposedly attributable to CO2 emissions, on the possible health benefits of the plan.

This is to be expected since the CPP is being implemented, probably illegally, under the auspices of the clean air act.

From EPA Website
From EPA Website

This chart from the EPA shows the progress in air quality made since 1980, but the real measure of progress should be the improvements made since the 1950s when the air quality was at its worst.

Even so, the progress in air quality improvement since 1980 has been remarkable: The population has increased by 92 million people, with the concomitant increase in automobile usage, and the GDP has increased by 145%.

But these measurements are for after 1980.

Other data, such as from the AEI Air Quality in America report, shows that air quality in general had already been improved by about 50% between 1960 and 1980. Taking this into consideration, air pollution has been cut by roughly 90% since its peak.

And that is remarkable.

Every engineer and scientist is aware of the law of diminishing returns.

There reaches a point where spending additional money achieves smaller and smaller benefits.

  • The cost-benefit curve is asymptotic, where benefits never achieve perfection while costs increase.

It’s very possible we have reached that point with air quality, where its senseless to spend more money to make infinitesimal improvements.

The bureaucracy will never admit to this, as it means they are out of a job.

The claims made by the EPA of massive health benefits from the CPP are clearly bogus. They are bogus for two reasons.

  1. Air quality improvements have probably reached the point of diminishing returns. Any future benefits don’t warrant the investment.
  2. Some of the medical health claims are not valid. For example: Particulates, PM 2.5, and ozone do not kill people. See, Ozone and 2.5 Particulates are Not Killing People.

Reported increases in asthma cases are not related to air quality, but are the result of more intense reporting and other factors, such as its possible linkage to cockroaches and over sanitization.

There is no reason to believe that the CPP will result in improved health benefits.

The idea that future generations won’t be able to breathe clean air if fossil fuels are used is bogus. People reiterating this claim are ignoring the facts, and it is hoped they will do more research and accept that the air we breathe is clean and safe.

The improvements in air quality since the 1960s proves that fossil fuels can be used without fear.

The CPP does not improve the health of Americans, and will, instead, make living conditions for most Americans worse. See, Dictatorial Powers.


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