Contents of Nothing to Fear

When announcing the availability of Nothing to Fear, the endorsement of an internationally recognized energy expert explained why Nothing to Fear was an important book, but the announcement did not itemize the book’s content.

The table of contents makes it easy to see the topics covered in Nothing to Fear.

Table of Contents
Chapter Page
Foreword 1
Part One, The Establishment Takes Aim
1 Rio 11
2 The IPCC 19
3 Creeping Agreement by the U.S. 25
4 Why the CO2 Hypothesis is Wrong 29
5 Current Status of CO2 Emissions 37
Part Two, Renewables
6 Wind Energy 45
7 Utility Scale CSP & PV Solar Energy 51
8 PV Rooftop Solar Energy 57
9 The Utility Death Spiral 67
10 Inadequacy of Biofuels 79
11 Role of Taxpayer Funded Subsidies 87
Part Three, Reality
12 Carbon Capture & Sequestration 97
13 Waxman Markey 105
14 Impossible Objective 113
15 An Alternative Hypothesis 121
Part Four, The Miracle of Fossil Fuels
16 Tragic War on Fossil Fuels 133
17 Advantages of Fossil Fuels 143
18 Remarkable Availability of Life-Saving Fossil Fuels 149
Conclusion 155
Appendix 1: PV Rooftop Investment Return 157
Appendix 2: Ultra-supercritical Coal-fired plants 163
Appendix 3: Decline of U.S. Nuclear Power 165

Given the controversies now erupting in Vermont and Nevada over the rise in residential rates and the impact of PV rooftop on other customers, chapter 9 should be of interest.

And, here is some initial, interesting feedback:

  • The origin of COP 21, and that the United States had already ratified the UNFCCC treaty came as a surprise.
  • The availability of factual information for use in the classroom was welcomed by a teacher who read Nothing to Fear.
  • The high cost of rooftop PV solar was a surprise.
  • The threat to utilities was made clear.

The book has only been available for three weeks, so this feedback is preliminary.

Book Cover, Nothing to Fear
Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

The opening paragraph of Nothing to Fear sets the tone:

“Nothing to Fear explains why mankind has the ability to withstand nearly everything mother nature may throw at it, so long as mankind doesn’t institute policies that cripple its ability to respond to potential threats.”

Nothing to Fear is available from Amazon and some independent book sellers.

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