At Stake: America’s Energy Future

There is a profound difference between the Democrat and Republican platforms, with each platform advancing diametrically opposed visions for America’s energy future.

The Democrat platform is based on a blind adherence to the Paris Climate Accord, proclaiming that cutting CO2 emissions is of paramount importance, specifically by “reducing greenhouse gas emissions more than 80 percent below 2005 levels by 2050.”

The platform declares:

“Our generation must lead the fight against climate change and we applaud President Obama’s leadership in forging the historic Paris climate change agreement. We will not only meet the goals we set in Paris, we will seek to exceed them …”

Screenshot of Democrat Platform Drafting Committee from CNN
Screenshot of Democrat Platform Drafting Committee from CNN

The Democrat platform’s extreme focus on cutting CO2 emissions ignores the real needs of Americans.

For example, the Democrat platform’s:

  • Support of wind and solar over traditional methods for generating electricity will impose higher electricity prices on all Americans
  • War on methane, i.e., natural gas will increase the cost of heating American homes
  • Proposed mandates for renewables of all kinds, with increased subsidies, will impose additional taxes on all Americans
  • Proposal to “transform American transportation” by imposing electric vehicles and biofuels on Americans, regardless of cost, will harm Americans
  • Proposal to impose a carbon tax on greenhouse gasses, including natural gas, i.e., methane, will drive up energy costs for all Americans
  • Support for banning fracking will create a shortage of natural gas and cut domestic oil production, which not only drives up the cost of heating homes and using electricity, but will also result in a need to import more oil from Mideast countries
  • Request to have the Justice Department investigate those who do not agree with the Democrat’s views on climate change is a threat to the freedom of all Americans

The Republican platform is the precise opposite of the Democrat platform, and places emphasis on stopping “unelected bureaucrats” from imposing their will on Americans.

The differences are both stark and profound.

There is no need to editorialize on the differences, because they speak for themselves.

Yet, the media virtually ignores these differences.

If it were merely a political issue, one might ignore the media’s continuing support of Democrats.

But this goes beyond politics.

It’s about America’s future, and the media, for the most part, shows a complete disregard for America and Americans. Five conglomerates own most of the newspapers and radio and TV stations in the United States, and this stifles the dissemination of information.

Without a free press, that is objective in its reporting, Americans are in danger of falling prey to mindless, uninformed social media rhetoric.

The differences between the two platforms are so profound that they deserve wide dissemination.

Unedited quotations from the Democrat and Republican energy platforms are at Energy Platform Comparisons.

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Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

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