Keystone Pipeline Benefits

Al Gore said,

“If approved and built, this pipeline, Keystone XL, would carry the most carbon-intensive source of oil on the planet.”

There it is, the real reason why the Obama administration stopped the Keystone pipeline: To avoid CO2 emissions.

All other explanations were a smokescreen to take everyone’s eyes off the real reason as told by Al Gore: Stop CO2 emissions.

While the real objection to importing Canadian crude produced from tar sands is that it results in increased CO2 emissions, the exact same problem exists with Venezuelan crude that largely comes from the Orinoco heavy crude oil sands deposits.

Canada is our friend, while Venezuela has acted against the interests of the United States.

Al Gore isn’t objecting to importing Venezuelan crude even though it is similar to heavy Canadian oil with respect to CO2 emissions.

Map of Venezuela showing oil sands location
Map of Venezuela showing oil sands location

One of the first benefits of the Keystone pipeline will be to help our friends in Canada.

Not only does it provide a way for Canadian oil to be exported, but it allows the Canadians to also get a higher price for their oil.

When Canadian oil is transported by rail, it gets a lower price. With the Keystone pipeline, it will command a higher price.

And pipelines are a safer method for transporting oil than is rail.

Canada’s National Post newspaper said in its January 25, 2013, headline”

“Oil Price Discount costing each Canadian $1,200.”

Now, with the resurrection of the Keystone pipeline, we will be treating our friends fairly.

Without the Keystone pipeline, existing pipeline capacity for transporting Canadian oil from Western Canada will reach capacity limits by the end of 2017, so Keystone will play an important role in getting Canadian oil safely to the United States from Canada.

Indirectly, the Keystone pipeline will help make North America energy independent.

Another important benefit of building the Keystone pipeline is that it will create high-paying construction jobs for Americans.

Building the Keystone pipeline:

  • Treats our friends, the Canadians, fairly
  • Transports oil more safely
  • Helps North America become energy independent
  • Creates high-paying jobs for Americans.

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Book Cover, Nothing to Fear
Book Cover, Nothing to Fear

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