Let Science Do The Talking

Let Science Do The Talking

President Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord amid controversy over the dangers of climate change.

Hopefully, his action will result in a new effort to examine and discuss the science behind global warming and climate change.

The media needs to honestly discuss the alternative possibilities for the cause of global warming.

The IPCC has merely assumed that atmospheric CO2 is the cause, and has ignored other possibilities.

  • Why hasn’t the IPCC explained this chart that goes back 10,000 years?
  • Why have temperatures been consistently higher, i.e., around 65% of the time, than today?
  • Why have these higher temperatures occurred while atmospheric CO2 has remained essentially constant at 280 ppm for the past 10,000 years, prior to around 1850?

Quoting from Nothing to Fear, “From the very beginning the purpose of the IPCC was not to determine the cause of global warming, but to examine human-induced climate change.”

The latter part of the sentence is a quote from the Principles Governing IPCC Work as approved by the UN General Assembly.

Temperatures rise and fall while atmospheric CO2 remains constant

Or this chart that goes back 4,000 years, with the CO2 level superimposed on the chart, with warm periods delineated.

Temperatures rise and fall while atmospheric CO2 remains constant.

There are several hypotheses for global warming other than CO2.

  • There is Svensmark’s that links sunspots, cosmic rays and cloud cover to temperatures on the Earth.
  • There are the Milankovitch cycles, as depicted in this graphic.

  • There is Nir Shaviv, who has proposed that cosmic rays from beyond our solar system have influenced Earth’s climate.

There are other possible explanations for global warming, but these provide a start to understanding why there is more to the science behind global warming than CO2.

The idea that the Sun influences the Earth’s climate is not new.

It was over 200 years ago that Herschel, a renowned astronomer who discovered Infrared light from the sun, determined that the price of wheat was linked to sunspots.

Here, we have a scientist who linked the earth’s climate to sun spots over two hundred years ago.

There is also evidence that the Little Ice Age was linked to the lack of sunspots during the Maunder Minimum.

Why is the science behind these two well-recognized events being ignored?

And why is the 10,000-year history of higher temperatures, while atmospheric CO2 remained steady at 280 ppm, being ignored?

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord should result in a more comprehensive look at the science surrounding global warming and climate change.

Americans deserve it.


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2 Replies to “Let Science Do The Talking”

  1. A bit of discussion about CO2’s cause of increased plant growth is in order. It’s say 15-20 percent greater now at 40 ppm than 30. This is very important…!

    • Yes, very much so. Excellent point. Increased atmospheric CO2 has resulted in increased plant growth. I believe this can continue until atmospheric CO2 is at laest 1,000 ppm.