False Claims of Impending Disaster

False Claims of Impending Disaster

Climate alarmists constantly claim that CO2 emissions will cause a huge rise in temperatures, accompanied by death and destruction.

But what are the facts about temperature rise? And has the IPCC misled everyone?

The alarmists rely on computer programs from the IPCC, rather than actual data.

They ignore the fact that hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and sea-level-rise have not increased.

The computer programs forecasting disaster are wrong, and John Cristy explained why at the hearing held by the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Two important charts from his testimony tell the story, though it’s worth reading his entire testimony.

The first chart shows that the temperature rise predicted by the computer programs overstate temperature rise by a significant amount.

The average of the 102 computer programs is far above the actual temperature rise established by satellite and balloon data.

What’s also worth noting, some of the computer programs have predicted temperatures so high that they are off the chart.

Even more egregious is what this next chart tells everyone who is paying attention.

The chart was buried in the IPCC AR5 Supplementary Material for Chapter 10. The political writers of the IPCC summary seemed to want this information buried, so it wouldn’t come to light.

Cristy’s chart, that’s included in his testimony, simplifies the actual charts included in the IPCC supplementary material, which, for those who are interested, are also included in Cristy’s testimony.

This chart is probably the most damning of them all.

It shows that the IPCC was actually hiding information that undermined its AR5 report, and conclusions.

This chart shows that the IPCC computer models WITHOUT the greenhouse gasses included in the data, tracked real-world observed data.

But, WITH the greenhouse gas data, the IPCC model produced results that varied significantly from actual data.

This chart clearly shows that the fearsome predictions being made by the climate alarmists are absurd, and that the IPCC knew it all along.

It’s time for Americans to be told the truth by the media, and given the scientific data, so they can see for themselves that the fearsome predictions of the climate alarmists are wrong.

This is the second article in a series titled: Let Science Do the Talking.

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