War Plan Orange for Climate Change

War Plan Orange for Climate Change…

An article in the October issue of Proceedings, a magazine published by the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI), featured an article on the need for a War Plan Orange for Climate Change.

The article begins by saying, “The War in the Pacific was guided by War Plan Orange, a secret strategy the US military had been developing, refining and updating since 1906.”

In an ensuing paragraph, there is a call for the Pentagon to develop a War Plan Orange for Climate Change, using the following quotation from the “2014 DoD Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap” as justification.

“Rising global temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, climbing sea levels, and more extreme weather events will intensify the challenges of global instability, hunger, poverty, and conflict.”

There can be no mistaking that the USNI article is discussing climate change caused by greenhouse gases. Likewise, there can be no mistaking that the article claims the science is settled.

Specifically, the side bar accompanying the article refers to (1) ”greenhouse gasses driving climate change,” and (2) if there is any uncertainty, it is not over whether the science is settled.

The article also says, “Climate models provide a range of outcomes to account for future variables.”

The article summarizes a series of events, supposedly caused by climate, change to establish why a War Plan for Climate Change is needed. They included:

  • 16 of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000
  • There will be increased threats from disease vectors (e.g., rodents and insects)
  • GDP will be reduced due to the impact of heat on work capacity
  • Higher temperatures will create a need for more air-conditioning
  • Longer lasting droughts will harm agriculture
  • Sea level rise will cause flooding and the displacement of people from the “Maldives to Vanuatu.”
  • There will be bleaching of coral reefs
  • Oceans will become more acidic

However, this litany of threats has largely been debunked by reputable scientists.

A few examples:

  • It’s a fact that the oceans are basic, and nowhere near acidic. They are not acidic, and therefore cannot become “more” acidic.
  • Hurricanes and tornadoes are not becoming more frequent or more severe. See, Hurricane History and the Phony Myth
  • The 1930s had the hottest years on record, when using modern temperature records. Additionally, there were at least ten periods over the last 10,000 years where the Earth was hotter than today.

The purpose of this article is not to argue the causes of climate change or what its effects may be.

Rather, it’s to establish how effectively the Obama administration instilled the threat of CO2 induced climate change in the military, and elsewhere in the government.

Over the past eight years the last administration made certain the CO2 hypothesis was adopted by the Pentagon and other elements of the government.

The USNI article by Commander McGeehan, USN, who is currently a member of the information warfare community serving in Washington DC, and who has served on Task Force Climate Change, is an example of how deeply the CO2 hypothesis is embedded in the military … At its highest levels.

Other examples include:

  • A quote in the USNI article by James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, saying, “The meta-driver of instability will be climate change.”
  • Former Secretary of Navy, Ray Mabus, formed the Great Green Fleet and insisted on using expensive, hard to obtain alternative fuels.
  • All the services diverted money from improving their war fighting capabilities by, among other things, installing solar and wind generated electricity at military bases to cut CO2 emissions.

Rather than prepare our country to fight and win a war, these efforts of Green mobilization, featuring a War Plan Orange for Climate Change, are making our military weaker by diverting money from equipment and training, and using it for Green activities instead.

Cover October 2017 issue, Proceedings Magazine


Heretofore, the USNI has been a paragon of professionalism: Seeing CMDR, McGeehan’s article in the USNI Proceedings magazine demonstrates how pervasively the false CO2 climate change narrative has permeated the military establishment.

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2 Replies to “War Plan Orange for Climate Change”

  1. All this bull hockey from the Navy, and the other branches is due to the Obama administration installing pc social justice warriors in the upper echelons. And firing anybody with working brain who wasn’t a kiss a_s. Admiral Nimitz would have come unglued with these people. When you have political admirals running things you don’t win wars

  2. Clapper should keep is clapper shut. The financials for the deep state are tied into this servitude of the global gullible. Thank god Trump has an uncanny knack for rooting out the spoof on the people.