Why Are We Destroying Our Grid?

Why Are We Destroying Our Grid?

Or, asked differently:

Why are we destroying the most efficient, reliable and least costly system ever devised for generating and distributing electricity?

Here are some facts:

  • Electricity generated by wind and solar is more expensive than electricity generated using traditional methods, e.g., coal-fired, natural gas combined cycle, nuclear and hydro power plants.
  • Wind and solar are intermittent and unreliable methods for generating electricity that requires backup, usually with natural gas turbines, which increases costs.
  • Wind and solar require expensive storage to alleviate evening ramping-up by traditional methods of generation, and to permit larger amounts of renewables on the grid which increases costs.
  • Promoting and subsidizing PV rooftop solar, often with net-metering provisions, increases costs.
  • Attempting to increase the amount of wind and solar generated electricity to substantially replace traditional methods of generating electricity will require large amounts of prohibitively expensive storage.

In addition, it’s very likely that:

  • Adding large amounts of intermittent wind and solar will reduce the reliability of the grid.
  • Microgrids that are being touted by environmental groups will increase costs and complexity, with few real benefits.

In the face of these facts, we are forcing wind and solar onto the grid by:

  • Enacting renewable portfolio standards (RPS) that require utilities to provide a steadily increasing amount of electricity from renewables, primarily wind and solar.
  • Subsidizing wind and solar to encourage investing in them.
  • Allowing RTO/ISOs to use a dispatch system that gives wind and solar preference over traditional methods of generating electricity, which is driving nuclear and coal-fired generation off the grid, and which will ultimately also drive natural gas generation from the grid.
Photo by D. Dears

So: Why are we destroying the grid?

  • It’s not to make electricity less costly.
  • It’s not to improve reliability.

It’s to cut CO2 emissions.

Global warming and climate change hysteria is causing us to destroy the most efficient, reliable and least costly system ever devised for generating and distributing electricity.

Which is also a fact.

One would think that all Americans would be interested in determining whether there is a real threat from anthropogenic global warming (AGW) or climate change.

One would think Americans might be asking: Why are we destroying the grid?

Yet the media and proponents of AGW won’t allow any debate … And in fact, try to discourage debate by calling those who don’t agree with them deniers, or some other demeaning characterization. Additionally, they propose taking legal action against “deniers”, with some legislators demanding that “deniers” be jailed.

The brochure, Nothing to Fear from CO2, is available free, at www.powerforusa.com. It provides the history of world temperatures for the past 10,000 years together with atmospheric CO2 levels and a look at natural causes for global warming.

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4 Replies to “Why Are We Destroying Our Grid?”

  1. AGW has been predicted for 33 Years, but there is no proof even that the tiny CO2 in our atmosphere causes any climate changes. See Paullitely.com for all the details.

    • Thanks for your comment, and for the link. The link is interesting, and what I read was worth reading. It would have helped if the author had his bio on the site.

  2. Found you at greenwichneighborsunited.com/ and will bookmark your site.

    Nice material.

    Over here…
    …we read that Germany is beginning to realize the folly of so-called “renewables.” But they still think that whatever they do, it must necessarily also result in reduction of CO2 emissions, which isn’t necessary and is what caused the problem he’s addressing in the first place. Until they realize that CO2 emissions needn’t be restricted, they are doomed to failure.

    • I apologize for my tardy reply and for the delayed posting of your comment.
      I have just returned from Europe and found that your comment hadn’t been posted.
      Thanks for your comments. I agree, Germany is spending billions with no end in sight, and with very few benefits to show for it.
      CO2 emissions haven’t been cut that much when the closing of inefficient East German industries is taken into consideration.