Crisis in the Mideast, a novel

Announcing, Crisis in the Mideast, a novel

Crisis in the Mideast is a novel. It’s fiction that uses facts for the basis of actions and settings to create a sense of realism.

Short Description

An Iranian sponsored terrorist attack kills thousands of innocent people and results in UN sanctions against Iran. Iran retaliates by blocking 20% of the world’s oil supply, bringing the world’s economy to the brink of a depression.

A private citizen, a geologist, working in Saudi Arabia on a previous mission, who can avoid media scrutiny and adverse publicity, is enlisted by the US President to go to Tehran to offer the Iranian president a proposal to resolve the issue and avoid military conflict.

Iranian hardliners attempt to prevent the meeting by threatening the American citizen with imprisonment or death on his arrival in Tehran.

Personal animosities within the US government play an outsized role in how the crisis is handled. Embedded in this story of intrigue and action, is a love story between the American citizen-negotiator and the daughter of the Admiral heading the Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain.

Quoting the author

Crisis in the Mideast is a departure from my articles and books where I focus entirely on energy issues.

Crisis in the Mideast focuses on a subject that has long interested me: What happens if the Strait of Hormuz is blocked and cuts off a large percentage of the world’s oil supply?

And how would we respond to such a situation with a depleted and virtually unprepared Navy that lacks the required capabilities?

I attempt to address many of the ramifications of such an event, theorizing on how we might use the Strategic Oil Reserve, how our industrial corporations might respond when oil is expensive and how our leaders might react.

My personal experiences in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, and Dubai are embedded as background in support of the plot.

I hope you will enjoy this story, that’s centered on a crucial area of the world.

Donn Dears

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