Another Utility Voices Reliability Concerns

Another Utility Voices Reliability Concerns

In comments addressed to the California Energy Commission on May 22, Senior Vice President Gas Transmission, Storage, and Engineering of SoCalGas, said:

“Without sufficient [gas] storage inventory … energy reliability is hinging on the vagaries of the weather.”

So, we now have another voice raising concerns about the reliability of the grid.

He went on to say:

“We remain concerned that limitations placed on Aliso Canyon subjects families and businesses in Southern California to unnecessary uncertainty, price volatility, and higher energy costs.”

The comments went on to read:

“The Joint Agency Summer Assessment acknowledges that, ‘Last winter, the SoCalGas system avoided serious problems primarily because of unusually warm weather.’” 

As described in SoCalGas attachment to its comments, the CPUC has placed restrictions on Aliso Canyon:

“The Aliso Canyon Storage Field which is currently restricted to specific requirements for withdrawal by the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC).”

In New England, we saw how the ISO-NE warned specifically of blackouts as the result of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) policies.

Now, in California we see a public utility (SoCalGas) warning of ramifications due to the CEC and CPUC’s AGW policies.

Another aspect of the comments by SoCalGas is how obsequious they were.

Here is a quote from the beginning of SoCalGas comments:

“Dear Chairman Weisenmiller, President Picker, and Commissioners of the California Energy Commission (CEC) and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC): 

“Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) thanks the CEC and CPUC for conducting the May 8, 2018, Joint Agency Workshop (Joint Agency Workshop) to address energy reliability in southern California, … SoCalGas appreciates the continued efforts of the Governor, Joint Agencies, and other parties to support energy reliability and minimize natural gas service interruptions during this summer and next winter.”

The entire tone of SoCalGas comments is that of groveling before the government agencies.

This fawning kowtowing is symptomatic of the danger to a democracy when unelected bureaucrats gain virtually unfettered power.

Why should a senior vice president of any corporation not be able to say: “You have made a mistake that you need to correct?”

CPUC and CEC logos

Of course, in this instance, the CEC and CPUC may be so intent on cutting GHG emissions they may believe no mistake was made. See, Effects of Mandating PV Rooftop Solar, for a glimpse at the impossibility of achieving California’s AGW targets.

When experts see a problem, the problem should be taken seriously. 

While AGW groups in New England are fighting ISO-NE’s request for accommodation by FERC, it will be interesting to see what the CEC and CPUC do with respect to SoCalGas’ concerns.

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