Smart News is an Oxymoron

Smart News is an Oxymoron

The final nail in journalism’s coffin may have been driven with the advent of “smart news”.

Any attempt to offer the public “smart news”, a product that supposedly allows people to hear both sides of a story, merely hastens journalism’s final collapse.

Fox News’ recent attempt to achieve balance by having two people argue over an issue in 30 second sound bites has dragged journalism even lower.

People are tired of misinformation and bickering and would welcome a return to real journalism.

Several decades ago, BBC World News was heard around the world. We listened to it while on board ship anywhere in the world while at sea. It was a dull reading of facts but would be a welcome change from the misinformation that now passes for news … from the BBC as well.

From Video of BBC News introductions

Smart News is an oxymoron.

There is no such thing as “smart news”.

News is a rendering of facts. Facts are neither smart or dumb. News is merely a statement of events as they actually happened.

The mere fact that some organization is trying to foist “smart news” on the public speaks volumes about both the organization and the public. What’s in it for the purveyors of “smart news”?

That people would even consider the possibility of there being such a thing as “smart news” demonstrates a huge failing in society, especially a democratic society.

A democratic society depends on a well-informed citizenry: Citizens who know the facts about issues. 

It’s impossible for people to make good decisions if they are basing their actions on half-truths, innuendos, and misrepresentations.

This is hugely important, especially in areas involving science, including energy issues. 

Factual information could be most critical when the news involves scientific matters. Not everyone has had an education in a scientific discipline, whether it be physics, engineering, meteorology, astronomy, thermodynamics or whatever.

Factual information about energy is the sole reason for this blog. No one gets paid. There are no requests for donations. Absolutely no money is received from anyone or any corporation or organization. 

It is why readers can trust that the facts are correct.

People with different values and life experiences can arrive at opposing views even when they have the same facts, but that’s to be expected. For example, most people get the facts about the cars they buy, and still buy different cars.

But that’s different from being against nuclear power because of the movie China Syndrome, the epitome of misinformation and fake news.

There’s no such thing as “smart news”.

When it comes to news, it’s all about facts.

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4 Replies to “Smart News is an Oxymoron”

  1. BUT, today we have multiple opinions and false news, that must be filtered to get at real truth (news). Many media have cut reporters and especially investigating staff. Most people would rather interact on Facebook, with all its many opinions, rather than find true news. Many don’t believe it (against their prior beliefs) when they hear it.
    So can’t blame FOX for trying. But the problem is much bigger than that.

    • I agree the problem is bigger.
      Social media may or may not be helping.
      It gets back to the education system and instilling critical thinking among students. The current crop of students don’t know how to think critically, and with institutions forcing group-think we have a real problem.

  2. When I was sailing I had a short wave radio on which I listened to Radio Moscow and Voice of America. I knew the “truth” was somewhere between those two extremes. I used the BBC as the tie-breaker.