Summer in Australia

Summer in Australia

Blackouts seem to be the norm in the states of South Australia and Victoria.

Two years ago while I was in Australia, there was a blackout in South Australia that lasted for more than a day. People lost refrigeration and air conditioning, and elevators failed to work.

Now, once again, there has been a blackout, this time in Melbourne, Victoria, where 200,000 people had their power cut off to keep the entire system from failing.

As reported by the Australian, a leading Australian newspaper:

“The State Energy Minister (Lily D’Ambrosio) said there would ‘absolutely’ be no blackouts this morning and the rolling blackouts started 90 minutes later.”

The paper continued, “Greens leader Richard Di ­Natale blamed an over-reliance on coal for the heatwave and backed Ms D’Ambrosio’s calls for people to stop using their dishwashers and washing machines and to turn up the temperature on their air-conditioners.”

And, “Senator Di Natale said Australians experiencing power outages were being unreasonable if they complained about not being able to use home appliances…”

Now that the United States Senate is about to vote on the Green New Deal, as proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it will be interesting to see whether the greens in the US will also chastise Americans for complaining about not being able to use their home appliances.

The reason for the power outages was a high temperature of 42C and insufficient power generation capacity with the closure of coal-fired power plants. 

Melbourne has seen temperatures this high in the past without power shortages.

Chart showing temperatures over 42 C, blue lines, in Melbourne with the first reading in 1857, and the latest, prior to 2019, in 2013. Courtesy of the Australian.

The lack of coal-fired power generation caused this year’s rolling blackouts resulting from Australia’s version of the new green deal.

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2 Replies to “Summer in Australia”

  1. Sigh!! Bill Shorten, the current bet for the next Prime Minister, has just announced that the Labor party will push for 50% of all new cars to be electric by 2030. Still, perhaps we’ll have gone back to coal by then. Certainly Labor staunchly back the animal rights activists who want to halt our live sheep exports to the Middle East; one of the few things we can sell them to pay for the oil we’ll need to back up our windmills.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      It’s amazing how bad science has taken over poitics. Here’ it’s the Green New Deal.