Lurching Left

Lurching Left

The Wall Street Journal maintains a conservative opinion page, but the main section, or news section, of the paper, is lurching left.

Some recent examples establish this leftward trend as fact.

Airline CO2 emissions

An article on February 14, The Middle Seat, reported that, “scientists say carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acts as a heat-trapping blanket that raises temperatures and adds to climate change,” without mentioning that natural processes may be even more likely to cause climate change. See brochure, We have Nothing to Fear from CO2, available free from website.

The WSJ reported that the airline industry has committed to having growth without increasing “carbon” emissions. If this can’t be done, they say they will buy offsets. Obviously, even if the offsets only cost $5 per ton they will ultimately add to the cost of tickets.

Electric airplanes aren’t going to happen soon … if ever, so the industry is relying on bio-fuels.

But Bio-fuels are an impossible dream.

The book, Nothing to Fear, establishes that, saying:

“Nearly 116 billion gallons of jet biofuel will be needed annually by 2030, based on a doubling of miles flown and assuming the efficiency of jet engines is improved by 30%.”

It examines bio-fuels from woody pulp, municipal solid waste (MSW), and algae for airplanes and demonstrates that the possibility of “producing biofuels economically and in the required quantities seems remote … if not absurd.”

Sea Level Rise

An article on February 4, Seaports Add Protections As Ocean Levels Rise, reported that sea level rise was requiring seaports to take steps to protect their facilities.

While reporting on how high sea levels have risen in the past 100 years, the article never mentioned that a good part of the problem was from subsidence, not the actual increase in sea levels.

Subsidence, where the ground is sinking, is a major problem all along the Eastern seaboard, from New York City to Miami. See, Four Letter Word: Subsidence 

The article went on to say:

“Coastal regions also face more flooding from more frequent and destructive storms …”

This ignores that there has been no increase in the frequency of storms or in destructive storms, whether they be hurricanes, tornadoes or nor’ easters. See, Hurricane History Phony Myth

Green New Deal

An article on February 14, said: 

The premise behind the Green New Deal is right. While the world may not spontaneously combust in 10 years, global carbon-dioxide emissions need to start dropping soon, by a lot, to keep temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius from 1800s levels, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Increases beyond that raise the probability of extreme weather, deadly heat and rising sea levels.”

The article went on to say that America needs a new sense of urgency to combat climate change.

There was no mention that there are many, many scientists who do not agree with the IPCC and their computer projections. See, False Claims of Impending Disaster  


These articles in the WSJ are supposedly news, but they are actually opinions. They violate the basics of journalism: What, Why, Where, When, How, and Who, and do not belong in the newspaper except in the opinion section.

Either these reporters are ignorant of the facts or they are deliberately trying to mislead their readers.

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