Jonestown and Climate Change

The Jonestown tragedy occurred because people believed, unthinkingly, what they were being told. 

There is now a new proposal from Europe:  

Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy

There are videos describing how civilization will end in ten or twelve years. It’s already too late, they say. They ask: “How many of you are anxious. How many of you are scared? How many of you are angry? Stand up if you feel pain about the end of civilization”

People are being taken in by these exhortations about Deep Adaptation, the same as people were deceived in Jonestown.

What are the proposals, and what are the dangers being promoted by these Deep Adaptation videos?

Here are some of the proposals:

  • Rationing and banning of certain foods
  • Revising public schools to teach “resilience”
  • Creating anew financial system [when banks die]
  • Building massive greenhouses for growing food 
  • Post collapse nuclear safety [due to inherent danger of nuclear energy]
  • Massive reallocation of resources in a low carbon environment
  • Carbon tax treaty

Here are some of the dangers trumpeted in the video:

  • An ice free arctic that worsens global warming
  • Lack of fresh water and need for desalination plants
  • Collapse of grain supplies
  • Meat industry is a threat (Increases global warming threat)

Deep Adaptation is another method for promoting the dangers of climate change and global warming, with a religious bent that uses psychology to enlist people in the support of Deep Adaptation. (I look after you, you look after me, we look after each other. I cannot survive without you.)  

Donn Dears Faith & Science Initiative

Many have said that climate change is a religion, and Deep Adaptation uses  a religiously styled philosophy to promote the dangers of climate change. 

The symbol, Faith and Science, refers to faith, as in religion.

It’s all too reminiscent of what happened in Jonestown where 918 people died.

We have the spectacle of small children confronting Senator Feinstein over climate change with the children fearful of how climate change will destroy their future.  This is a dangerous example of groupthink guided by leaders of an activist group. The children were too young to have studied the issue and had to get their ideas from others who led them to the Senator’s office. 

It’s worth remembering that groupthink in the 1930s ended badly with millions dead. 

Groupthink about climate change could result in a metaphorical Jonestown where freedom dies.


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