Objective Questions

Objective Questions

For the past 10,000 years, the period from the end of the last ice-age to today, worldwide temperatures have been higher than today for periods that lasted hundreds of years. 

These higher temperatures were the result of natural forces since CO2 was steady at 260 – 280 ppm until the mid-1800s.

  • Why do some believe that natural forces are no longer playing a role in the Earth’s temperature?
  • Since temperatures were considerably higher than today for periods lasting hundreds of years, why didn’t the Greenland ice sheet melt? Melting Greenland’s glacier and other glaciers have been cited as the probable cause of catastrophic sea level rise later this century.

There are also questions about sunspots, where there appears to be a direct correlation between temperatures and the number of sunspots.

This relationship was noted by an astronomer, William Herschel (1738 – 1822) who established that the price of wheat and other grains was linked to the number of sunspots: When there were only a few sunspots, the price of wheat was high, when there were many sunspots the price was low.

  • During the late 1600s and early 1700s, temperatures plummeted into a period known as the Little Ice Age, yet atmospheric CO2 levels remained constant. For around 100 years there was clearly no relationship between temperatures and CO2: Temperatures fell dramatically, while CO2 remained constant.

These and other questions are ignored by those who support anthropogenic global warming (AGW), yet the questions are important and need to be answered.

Why is the sun being ignored by the IPCC? They have only mentioned irradiance while there are other processes by which the sun can affect the Earth.

This was demonstrated by the Carrington event in 1859 when a solar flare, the strongest ever recorded, even to this day, put the lives of telegraph operators in danger. The magnetic storm literally blew apart telegraph equipment and stunned operators of the equipment.

There is no question that the sun can affect the Earth in ways scientists don’t fully comprehend.

Isn’t it possible that natural forces, the same that caused higher temperatures a thousand years ago, and also several times earlier than that, are affecting our climate today?

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