Arriving August 1, 2019

Arriving August 1, 2019

Energy: The Source of Prosperity

Available from Amazon, $14.99

Energy: The Source of Prosperity, is the perfect response to the recent attacks on fossil fuels, capitalism and freedom.

Is the Green New Deal promise genuine or a trap?

Energy: The Source of Prosperity provides the engineering and science that exposes the green new deal for what it is, a return to the middle ages and a bad deal for Americans and other ​ people.

Can clean/green energy replace fossil fuels?

Energy: The Source of Prosperity describes why fossil fuel energy has created modern prosperity, thus allowing vast populations to live long, healthy and productive lives.

Will the Green New Deal usher in a debilitating era of Socialism?

Energy: The Source of Prosperity establishes basic concepts including why socialism eventually leads to fascism.  It explains why climate change is not an existential threat.  Additionally, it includes succinct, fact-based articles examining numerous issues related to renewables, fossil fuels and nuclear power.

The book is a must read for anyone interested in the facts surrounding this debate. But especially, for students for the outcome determines their future – continued prosperity OR dependence on socialist government.

Part 1 is about Energy, and progress. It examines fossil fuels in the energy mix.

Part 2 is about Socialism and climate change.

Part 3 is a compilation of 80 articles published over the past few years on, grouped by topic. In totality, these short, easy to read articles provide an accurate picture of each of our energy sources, how specific energy sources affect the grid, and, the senseless fear of climate change.

Finally, a word about the cover: 

The Statue of Liberty lights the way to freedom. 

Behind her, from the past, barely discernible, is Prometheus, with arm outstretched and torch in hand, reaching for the sun to light his torch so that he may give fire to humans.

Fire, emblematic of the energy that has brought prosperity to mankind.

These two symbols, one of freedom and the other of energy, symbolize what is at stake in the debate over climate change.

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