Futile Paris Accord

Futile Paris Accord

The Paris Accord was supposed to cut CO2 emissions to avoid a climate catastrophe.

Since its adoption in 2016, CO2 emissions have increased, rather than decreased.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) issued its annual report on CO2 emissions which showed that CO2 emissions in 2018 increased by 1.7% hitting a new record. This followed an almost equal increase in CO2 emissions in 2017.

The cause for the increase in 2018 was a 2.3% increase in the us of energy. Higher demand for electricity was responsible for more than half the growth in energy demand.

The largest growth in energy demand came from Asia, with China and India the largest contributors to demand for energy.

Coal used for generating electricity was the largest contributor to CO2 emissions.

Use of natural gas had substantial growth in 2018, with China and the United States having the largest increases. 

Natural gas is essentially methane, a potent greenhouse gas, which means the world is forfeiting any possibility of reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Chart from IEA

Worldwide, coal remained the largest source of fuel for the generation of electricity.

Chart from IEA

Renewables continued to increase as a source for power generation, but they remained a small contributor, while coal and natural gas remained the largest sources for generating electricity with hydro the next largest.

While the proponents of the CO2, anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis continue to promote the importance of the Paris Accord, it’s fairly obvious that most countries are paying lip-service to the Accord while largely ignoring it.

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