Website Update

Website Update

Since early August the website stopped notifying subscribers when a new article was published. Because of this, I held back publishing more articles until the website was fixed.

Here are the articles you may have missed:

  • Let’s be Clear About Subsidies
  • UN Emergency Climate Action Summit
  • Economics of Battery Powered Vehicles, Part 2
  • Fixing the Rigged Market for Electricity

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Prometheus lighting his torch from the sun to bring energy to humans.

I will begin posting new articles on Tuesday and hope you will continue to find them of interest.

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4 Replies to “Website Update”

  1. Hi Donn, I came across your blog from an article of yours promoted at ‘Stop These Things’ blog. I’ve been writing on and off over the years on similar topics at my blog,, on some environmental, climate and now power system issues. I too am a power systems, electrical engineer, have worked and still working in electrical distribution in New Zealand. My present job focus is power system quality. Keep up the good work and best regards from ‘down under’.

    • Thanks.
      New Zealand is a beautiful and interesting country. Five years ago, I had an opportunity to spend a month traveling around both the north and south islands.
      I have a good friend who lives in the Auckland area, perhaps he will see your post and get in touch with you.