Video Demonstrates How to Distort Information

Video Demonstrates How to Distort Information…

I am traveling this week, and won’t be publishing my usual article.

In its place, I’m suggesting you watch a video that is extremely interesting. It demonstrates how climate extremists publish misleading information. In this example, it uses charts published by US Government, i.e., the US Global Change Research Program, where the charts are designed to deceive.

Over the past several years, I have published articles to show how the proponents of catastrophic climate change have published misleading and distorted information.

For example, every November the facts about hurricanes were published to demonstrate hurricanes were not getting more frequent or more severe.

Another example was the article on forest fires and how they were worse in the past. See, Forest Fires and Atmospheric CO2

And an article about sea level rise. See, Four Letter Word: Subsidence 

There were many more.

I think you will find this video interesting 

I’ll resume with my articles when I return.

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