Who are the 11,000 Scientists?

Who are the 11,000 Scientists?

A recent Washington Post Headline said:

“More than 11,000 Scientists From Around the World Declare a Climate Emergency”

When going to the source of the article, which was the Alliance of World Scientists, to get the list of 11,000 scientists I got this message.

“Signatures Unavailable”

Here is a screen shot from their website.

Perhaps the Washington Post should have checked the source before publishing the headline.

But, more importantly, “What do they believe?”

Here are a few key items from the “climate emergency” document signed by the 11,000 scientists. It establishes what they believe.

  • “The climate crisis is closely linked to excessive consumption of the wealthy lifestyle.”
  • “Profoundly troubling signs from human activities include sustained increases in both human and ruminant livestock populations” and “Decline in human fertility rates has substantially slowed during the last 20 years.”
  • “To secure a sustainable future, we must change how we live. 
  • “Eating mostly plant-based foods while reducing the global consumption of animal products.” 
  • “Our goals need to shift from GDP growth and the pursuit of affluence. 
  • “Excessive extraction of materials and overexploitation of ecosystems, driven by economic growth, must be quickly curtailed to maintain long-term sustainability of the biosphere.”
  • “Honoring the diversity of humans entails major transformations in the ways our global society functions and interacts with natural ecosystems. 

There are also an abundance of grand sounding objectives centered on social justice and equal rights, but note the focus on “transforming global society.”

Transforming global society is the true objective of the climate change movement. 

The head of the UNFCCC said this, as did a member of the IPCC. For proof, see, Climate Change and Socialism

The “climate emergency” document attempts to establish key measurements to guide policies around the world. According to the document, here are a few of the trends that must be reversed:

  • The increase in passengers carried by airplanes must be reversed.
  • Increasing world GDP must to be reversed.
  • Increasing per capita meat production must be reversed.
  • Increasing population must be reversed.
  • Increasing population of ruminant livestock must be reversed.

These charts from the “climate emergency document” establishes a fixation on population, reminiscent of Ehrlich’s, The Population Bomb.

There are many other charts that are misleading at best. For example:

The chart on sea level rise is wrong and distorts the facts.


Another chart shows fossil fuel subsidies that include discounted prices for gasoline, such as in Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. 

These discounted prices are to keep the cost of living low in these countries and has nothing to do with drilling or exploring for oil or natural gas. 

They aren’t subsidies to support fossil fuels as inferred by the chart.


A third chart on tree cover loss completely ignores the greening of the world as a result of higher levels of atmospheric CO2.

Two questions not addressed in this “climate emergency” document are:

  1. Are people willing to return to a lifestyle that such policies would require?
  2. Who is going to establish the priorities and force people to adopt this lifestyle?

Forcing people to do something against their interest requires big government and force.

The list of 11,000 scientists has been found, but many are unqualified to comment on climate change or global warming. 

While mechanical engineers and meteorologists have trained in many of the disciplines required for commenting on global warming, other disciplines such as Neuroscience,  Psychology, Veterinary, Animal Behaviorist, Hydroinformatics, Zoo keeper, Agronomist/beekeeping, and Snake Preservation, among them, probably don’t qualify.

Even if they can make credible comments on climate change/global warming, their judgment is in question for signing an anti-human anti-freedom manifesto.

It’s doubtful anyone at the Washington Post read the “world climate emergency” document that they proudly endorsed.

In reality, the “climate emergency” document is a manifesto against humanity and freedom.

You can verify this conclusion by reading the document found as a pdf at http://bit.ly/2NtVkTb 

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12 Replies to “Who are the 11,000 Scientists?”

  1. Donn
    You continue to provide the true facts and details behind many misleading news articles. Thank you.

  2. The NYTs, WPO and far too many other influencers have all adopted Consensus rather than Science as the sources for their nonsense on nearly any topic. I suppose the demands of the news cycle mean that they can print anything they want and can correct it later if called on the poor journalism by an insipid correction somewhere in the bowels of the paper. Which is where the 11,000 scientists story should have remained.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      The practice of burying corrections deep in the publication is a travesty.

  3. What is missing is the fact that rapid lowering of carbon emissions means rapid elimination of gasoline, diesel and biofuels for the sole purpose of leaving carbon in the ground. Global transportation would be brought to an abrupt halt. Any capturing and storing of CO2 already emitted must be done by other forms of energy that do not transport anything very far for very long. It is easier to bury corrections than carbon emissions.

    • Thanks for your comments. Leaving fossil fuels in the ground would be a tragic event for people everywhere.

    • Thanks for the comment. I find that many people are confused about the Paris Accord and the UNFCCC, so wanted tp help clraify what is transpiring.