Nothing to Fear from CO2

Nothing to Fear from CO2

Over the past few months, several highly qualified scientists have announced that CO2 is not an existential threat to mankind.

In December of last year, Dr. William Happer unveiled data demonstrating there would be little temperature change as the result of a doubling of atmospheric CO2, along with a second chart showing the same result from a doubling of atmospheric levels of CH4, i.e., Methane. See, Good News for Humanity, Part 1

Dr. Happer’s chart showing effect on temperature with a doubling of atmospheric CO2. Circle highlights CO2 400 ppm (in black) and 800 ppm (in red).

Then in January, of this year, the Washington Post reported on the news, that had been circulating for the past few months, that RCP 8.5 was an unlikely extreme scenario.

The Washington Post article said,

“Zeke Hausfather of the Breakthrough Institute, and Glen Peters, an energy expert at the Norwegian science organization CICERO, argue that the scenario [8.5] ought to be discarded.”

“Happily — and that’s a word we climatologists rarely get to use — the world imagined in RCP 8.5 is one that, in our view, becomes increasingly implausible with every passing year.

RCP 8.5 has been discredited, and it was the source of much of the extreme reporting found in the media.

Then on February 13, Dr. Judith Curry drew three main conclusions from her latest paper, Plausible scenarios for climate change: 2020-2050.

  1. We are starting to narrow the uncertainty in the amount of warming from emissions that we can expect out to 2050.
  2. All three modes of natural variability — solar, volcanoes, internal variability — are expected to trend cool over the next 3 decades.
  3. Depending on the relative magnitudes of emissions driven warming versus natural variability, decades with no warming or even cooling are more or less plausible.

(Emphasis has been added in quotations.)

The accompanying table from Dr. Curry’s paper shows the possibility of cooler temperatures.

And, again on February 13, Dr. Roy Spencer published his paper and slides.

Dr. Spencer’s cover slide said it all:

In addition to knowing that the IPCC’s computer programs overstate the effect of CO2 emissions on the atmosphere by a factor of 2 or 3 times actual temperature rise, we now have data showing little effect from a doubling of atmospheric CO2, information that temperatures could be cooler, that the extreme RCP 8.5 has been discredited, and that there is no climate crisis.

This is good news for humanity.

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2 Replies to “Nothing to Fear from CO2”

    • I assume you are referring to the chart on the linked article re RCPs.
      I hope I made it clear in my article that the the most recent forecasts made by scientists are for lower temperatures in the future rather than higher. The most recent forecasts, as shown in the article, are for 1 to 2 degrees rise rather than 6 or 7 degrees.