One More To Go

One More To Go

New York State has just shutdown the second of three nuclear reactors at Indian Point along the Hudson River, 36 miles above New York City.

The third and last nuclear reactor at Indian Point is scheduled to be shut down next year.

This is a travesty based on fear, promoted by environmentalists, such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Its website has a red radioactive sign on its page for nuclear facts.

From NRDC website

The fact is, nuclear power is safe.

Fear was created by the movie China Syndrome, when the reporter, Jane Fonda, was told that a meltdown would send a cloud of radiation covering the entire state of Pennsylvania.

This was a lie that Fonda did not dispute or investigate. It is what the title of the movie was meant to portray.

It’s impossible for the reactor core to burrow into the ground and reach the water table if the nuclear core were to melt. 

Every reactor in the US, and probably other countries, has a thick concrete reinforced steel base under the reactor, where any melting material would be caught. The Fukushima disaster proved that again. No one was killed by radiation at Fukushima.

The Indian Point reactors are high above sea level so not even an asteroid hitting off the Atlantic coast could create a tsunami that could reach the reactor to knock out the back up diesels that supply power to the reactor in the event power from the grid becomes unavailable.

Reactors can’t explode like an atomic bomb, but some people think they can.

Yes, fish are killed by the cooling water intake, but that is not why the reactors are being closed. They are being closed out of fear of radiation based on ignorance.

Even if terrorists could enter the building and cause the reactor to melt down, there would be little danger to the population in New York City because the melted core would be caught by the concrete base described above.

The decision to close the reactors at Indian Point benefits no one.

  • It results in more CO2 emissions, for those who worry about that issue.
  • It increases the cost of electricity for every New York resident. 
  • It lowers the reliability of the grid which could mean increased threats of blackouts.

Closure of the reactors at Indian Point is a victory for anti-Americans, fear mongers, and misguided people.

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8 Replies to “One More To Go”

  1. What a stuck of luck for the anti-nuclear power plant crowd when the movie China Syndrome came out at the same time as TMI. This put the NPP industry on its heels and unfortunately they never recovered.

  2. The modern day Malthusians have always hated nuclear power first and foremost.

    The entire concept of renewable energy was only ever contrived so that they’d have something ANYTHING to offer as an alternative in public debate. The idea just has no technical merit on it’s only, only misanthropic philosophy and clever politics keeps the renewable energy dream buoyed along.

  3. There is another sad component of the story of Admiral Rickover’s gift to Humankind. That is the loss of a supply of new nuclear engineers from our Universities, killing of the supply chain that made the forgings and heavy steel plate, welding technology and more. My fear is that we are seeing similar “Killing” of the incentives for young people to enter engineering to participate in designing, building, operating and maintaining conventional and especially coal electric power plants. The Intellectual Property and supply chain is being given to China by our default. The rest of the world still uses coal (I think 40% of world energy is still coal) and China is building new nuclear plants. America and Europe is making a huge mistake in leaving the traditional power generation business. We are giving the Intellectual Property and competitive advantage to China by default.

    • Your comments are well taken and very important.
      We are discouraging students from taking engineering courses essential to our progress. Not only in the generation of electricity but other areas, such as space, also. Thermo dynamics courses cut across many industries. Metallurgy, essential for the development of ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plants being built around the world, except here, is also crucial to other industries. The list goes on and on. You are absolutely correct. We are sealing our fate by ceding the laed in these technollgies to other countries.

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