Change How You Live

Change How You Live

Already, the left is using the COCID-19 crisis as the basis for forcing Americans to forego their former standard of living to accommodate climate change.

Here’s the title to an article published in EnergyPost.EU:

“Behavior Change: COVID-19 lockdown kicks open the door to a net-zero pathway”

Here’s the lead into the article 

“[Climate change] requires a drastic change in behavior. Against our will, but for our benefit, a worldwide experiment is now taking place [because of COVID-19]”


“COVID-19 has taken over the world, forcing billions of people to change their lifestyles overnight.”

The left will try to capitalize on the misery that COVID-19 has imposed on the world, by imposing more misery on prosperous countries … including on Americans.

The article proposes: “A just transition to a sustainable society”

Here are some of what the left proposes:

  • Moving from a free standing home in the suburbs to a “smaller apartment in town”.
  • “Virtual mobility”, i.e., working from home, cuts the carbon footprint from using cars.
  • Stop eating beef. “Beef is reduced to almost zero. 
  • Fewer trips, such as vacations using cars and airplanes.
  • Reduce consumption, because the Earth can’t sustain more people with a modern lifestyle

This chart purports to show the number of planets required for various populations living at various Human Development levels. Quoting from the source of the chart: 

“United Nations’ Human Development Index (HDI) tracks a country’s achievements in longevity, access to education, and income. They consider an HDI higher than 0.7 to be high human development. To measure whether we live within the means of nature, we can use the Ecological Footprint. An Ecological Footprint of less than 1.7 global hectares per person makes the resource demand globally replicable.”

This perpetuates the false Malthusian narrative. The same false narrative proposed by Ehrlich in the Population Bomb, and by the Club of Rome’s, The Limits to Growth.

While working from home has some advantages, it’s hard to manufacture anything of value from home. And many people like to eat beef, fly to far distant places on vacation, and use cars to give them the mobility and freedom they desire.

The Behavior Change article said, people need to repent, and change their ways:

A change in culture to move beyond the primitive pursuit of instant pleasure through consumption.”

The problem with this proposed transition is that it requires big government to force you to abide by what big government dictates.

Climate Change proposals take away your freedom. Something that Americans found unpalatable during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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5 Replies to “Change How You Live”

  1. Thank you Donn. I have marveled at the relationship of energy use, economic prosperity and Human Development. The Left and the UN are certainly far out in “Left Field” to use a baseball expression. Unfortunately, they have a lot of young people and misguided adults that agree with their indoctrination. Keep up your excellent work! Know that we appreciate your efforts, Dick Storm

  2. I certainly have no objection to other people choosing to live like that if they wish. Of course, my objection is that they wish me to live that way, not them.

    • Thanks for your comments. That’s always the way it is, because they know better.