Fear of Climate Change is Bad for America

Fear of Climate Change is Bad for America

Over the past twenty years, climate change has become an obsession that has metamorphosed into a supposed existential threat to humanity.

The sooner we accept that climate change is natural, and that CO2, and greenhouse gasses in general, are not having a significant effect on climate change, the sooner we can stop wasting resources on trying to fight climate change.

The primary source of CO2 emissions is fossil fuels, so fossil fuels have been promoted as an enemy, rather than the source of prosperity.

The United States has spent billions of dollars trying to cut CO2 emissions. This is money that could have been spent on new scientific developments or rebuilding our country’s infrastructure.

Here are a few examples: 

  • We are building unreliable wind and solar plants to generate electricity when we already have power plants that can generate low-cost electricity, reliably.
  • We are needlessly tearing down nuclear and coal-fired power plants before the end of their useful economic lives, some of which, can generate electricity at half the cost of any new power plant.
  • We have built cellulosic ethanol plants, such as by Range Fuels, that have failed.
  • We have spent money trying to develop fuels made from algae, garbage and wood pulp.
  • We are spending money on developing processes that capture CO2, which is to be sequestered underground at a huge cost.

The Allam cycle is one such process under development.

The experimental Allam cycle gas turbine uses natural gas in conjunction with super critical liquid CO2 driving a turbine generator, while automatically capturing the CO2 produced from the natural gas.

The sole purpose of the process is to capture CO2.

Net Power, the developers of the process, has built a demonstration plant in Texas. They propose using carbon capture tax credits for a commercial 300 MW plant.

The Allam cycle is less efficient than a natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plant.

However, the claim is made, in headlines, that it’s more efficient than an NGCC power plant equipped to capture CO2. 

The headline is, at best, misleading, because it fails to point out that the NGCC power plant is more efficient when it’s not encumbered with carbon capture. 

They claim that the liquid CO2 can be used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), but if oil, a fossil fuel, can’t be used there is no need for EOR.

And the remaining liquid CO2 has to be sequestered which will require building pipelines to cary the liquid CO2 to where it can be injected underground in a geologic formation. The cost of building pipelines can be substantial, especially if a large number of Allam cycle power plants are built.

All of these actions are a needless waste of financial resources. Many are also dangerous because they undermine reliability of the electric grid.

Americans need to step back, examine all the facts and then abandon the idea that CO2 is a threat. The evidence is abundantly clear: CO2 is not a threat, and, in fact, can be beneficial.

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