Ford’s Phony Promise

Ford’s Phony Promise

Ford Motor Co. announced on June 24, that: 

Ford would become wholly carbon neutral within 30 years.

This is obviously a phony and misleading promise.

Of what material will they make their cars? Pixie dust?

The last time I looked, Ford used steel and plastics in the manufacture of their cars and trucks.

  • The production of steel produces 7% to 9% of all the CO2 emissions in the world.
  • Plastics come from fossil fuels, either oil or natural gas. The production of plastics emits greenhouse gasses.

Ford also announced it will fully power all its plants with green energies in half that time.

Where will they obtain those so-called green energies by 2035?

Are they referring to electricity? If so they will probably obtain it from various utility companies, while producing some of it from power plants they own.

When it comes to electric utilities, many have made the same misleading promise, i.e., to be carbon neutral by 2050. But that promise is also misleading as will be disclosed in the new book The Looming Energy Crisis to be published this September.

Utilities use the term net-zero so they can claim they are carbon neutral by growing trees in Mongolia, or somewhere else, to offset their actual emissions.

If Ford is relying on the promises made by utility companies, they are being badly misled.

Bob Holycross, Ford Vice President, said: ”We can develop and make great vehicles, sustain and grow a strong business and protect our planet at the same time.”

He may need to learn that the batteries in electric vehicles use materials that are mined and transported and processed, where every step emits CO2 or other greenhouse gases.

Or, possibly Ford is planning on producing horse drawn carriages. But that also creates an environmental problem … manure.

It’s impossible to know Ford’s true motivation, but, could it be to placate activist groups?

Mindy Lubber, CEO of sustainability non-profit Ceres, applauded Ford’s plan to be carbon neutral. Ceres strategic plan proposes to get rid of our outdated Capital Market Systems.

And Ceres website says: “We have roughly a decade to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.”

Ceres Strategic Plan from Ceres Website

All of this suggests that Ford is a company chasing pixie dust and aligning itself with activist groups.

The new book The Looming Energy Crisis will disclose the facts about the phony misleading efforts to achieve carbon neutrality or zero carbon generation of electricity. 

It will be available September1, 2020.

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  1. Ford is playing the politics-climate game. Pretend that political will, and not economics and technology, is what controls a conversion away form CO2. Of course, many alarmists believe that. Ford does not; they are pretending. Who knows which way the political-climate wind will blow in a few years.

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