The EIA is Misleading Americans

The EIA is Misleading Americans

The Energy Information Administration is deliberately misleading Americans.

They are doing this by manipulating the data and using false estimates to make misleading projections.

The EIA is composed of unelected bureaucrats who have a political agenda that favor the elites and not the ordinary American citizen.

Here is a chart from the EIA’s report AEO 2020:

It purports to show that the price of electricity is declining, and will continue to decline as more renewables are added to the grid.

But it’s a pure fabrication. It’s deliberately misleading.

Here are the facts from earlier EIA reports. In this case for residential electricity.

  • 2010  11.54 cents per kWh
  • 2019  13.04 cents per kWh

Clearly, the price for electricity in the United States has been increasing … not decreasing.

And the price will continue to increase in the future, not decrease as this chart indicates.

The addition of wind and solar to the grid is forcing low cost providers, such as coal and nuclear power, off the grid.

In addition, adding unreliable wind and solar to the grid requires the addition of very costly storage. The cost of storage adds a huge cost that will have to be paid for by consumers. With the addition of more wind and solar, the price of electricity will go up … not down.

This is another fabrication that distorts the facts.

The inference is that nuclear is dependent on the cost of natural gas and that the low price of natural gas is driving nuclear power off the grid.

The fact is, nuclear power plants are being forced off the grid by rigged auctions. In addition, existing nuclear power plants will begin closing in the mid 2030s because their operating licenses will have expired.

The EIA is attempting to mislead Americans about the need for and the costs of wind and solar.

It’s a blatant attempt to support the addition of wind and solar to the grid.

The fact is, natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plants generate the least costly electricity.

The EIA cannot be trusted. In fact, it should probably disbanded.

Now that would save taxpayers money.

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    • The chart would indicate constant dollars.
      As for te two year costs, I don’t believe so.