Indefensible Climate Fear

Indefensible Climate Fear

Climate activists are constantly claiming that humanity is threatened by catastrophic climate change.

What is truly indefensible is how these activists are harming our children.

Even a supporter of the climate change CO2 hypothesis, Bjorn Lomborg, has said the false claims are having a devastatingly harmful effect on children.

Here are examples taken from his book, False Alarm.

“A Danish first grader asked, ‘What will we do when the world ends? Where will we go? The rooftops?’”

“A young girl holds up here sign that says, ‘I’ll die of climate change.’”

“A ten year old says about the future, ‘There won’t be many countries anymore because of global warming, because I hear on the Discovery Channel and science channels like in three years, the world might flood from the heat getting too much.’”

“A woman says, ‘My instinct now is to shield my children from the horrors of the future by not bringing them into the world.’”

How you decide to have a baby when climate change is remaking life on Earth?”

Lomborg also cites studies that show how harmful the messages of fear about climate change are to our children. 

Note that institutions that we should be able to trust have violated that trust. 

The Discovery Channel? The National Geographic Magazine? The nightly News?

These institutions are lying to our children when they regurgitate false claims of sea level rise, more frequent and severe hurricanes, and much, much more.

And even worse than scaring our children is using children to perpetuate the lies.

Greta Thunberg is the obvious example.

School children going on strike on Friday’s to demand action, when they are merely parroting the demand of climate activists.

No child should ever say, “I’ll die of climate change,” or “What do we do when the Earth ends?”

Do these climate change advocates “have no sense of decency”?

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2 Replies to “Indefensible Climate Fear”

  1. Check out “Apocalypse Never” written by M. Shellenberger.

    Really outstanding rebuke of “Environmental Alarmism” by an environmental activist… of the thoughtful kind.

    Pete Roemer