About The Looming Energy Crisis

About The Looming Energy Crisis

My new book, The Looming Energy Crisis, establishes how rigged auctions are allowing wind and solar to be added to the grid, while forcing the removal of natural gas and coal-fired power plants, as well as nuclear plants, from the grid.

In many ways, this book is educational as it explains how our country’s most valuable physical asset, the electric grid, is being mismanaged.

Chapter 16 uses the actual events from the winter of 2018 to demonstrate why blackouts are more likely as wind and solar are added to the grid.

And blackouts are dangerous and potentially deadly. They put you and your family at risk.

Imagine having to suffer through a blackout while in lockdown during some future pandemic. And if the blackout lasted for more than a day, how would you recharge your phone or other batteries needed for lighting or to operate vital medical equipment?

This Figure from the book explains why California is having rolling blackouts and why much of the rest of the country will also have blackouts unless the system is changed. Reserve Margins are being destroyed.

The Looming Energy Crisis exposes the dangers created by: 

  • States and cites claiming they will be 100% free of fossil fuels by 2050.
  • Utilities claiming to be Net Zero and 100% carbon free by 2050.

Net Zero emissions are a deception which creates an illusion that supports undoable claims. Will planting trees in outer Mongolia really help maintain your electric grid?

Or, are these claims dangerous and risking your future by creating an unreliable electric grid.

This book’s content should shock everyone about the dangers our nation faces from the efforts being made to eliminate fossil fuels for generating electricity.

You’ll then be in a position to demand that honest methods be used for deciding how the grid should be managed

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4 Replies to “About The Looming Energy Crisis”

  1. Donn,
    Great summary and I am glad I bought several copies of your book for my associates and friends. I maintain the root cause of the problem of implementing foolish energy policies has to do with Politicians and Regulators that do not understand energy and electricity generation. I recently started a Blog to provide a narrative laced with facts and data supporting the “Importance of Traditional Energy Sources”. Especially focusing on “Heat-Engines” that provide electricity, transportation and comforts to all of us. Heat-Engines provide about 90% of our High Quality of life in teh Developed World. My Blog is at these links, FYI: https://dickstormprobizblog.wordpress.com/2020/08/25/the-importance-of-energy-to-power-high-quality-of-life-part-1/

    • Great.
      First, thanks for your comments about my book.
      Next, I hope people will log onto your blog. I’m sure it will be very informative and important.
      I agree that too few people are knowledgeable about energy matters.

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