Pipeline Cancellations Harm Americans

Pipeline Cancellations Harm Americans

The activists are winning in their efforts to prevent pipelines from being built.

In all probability, they will now begin to have pipelines shut down and removed.

Their motivation is to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, but their efforts really harm all Americans.

Here is a quote from an activist article:

“Why We Need To Do More Than Shut Down Pipelines One By One”


“There Are More Fossil Fuel Projects In Virginia To Shut Down ASAP”

Snippet of photo by Terray Sylvester/Reuters

Within a few days of each other, three major pipelines have been cancelled or delayed.

A judge ruled that the Dakota Access pipeline must shut down. Fortunately this ruling was overturned.

The Keystone pipeline was also affected by the ruling.

Most telling was the decision by Dominion Energy and Duke Energy to cancel the 600 mile Atlantic Coast pipeline.

Closing the Atlantic Coast pipeline is most telling, because the companies involved made their decision based on the time and cost of litigation dealing with new protests if they continued to build the pipeline, even though the supreme court had just ruled in the companies favor.

In other words, the protesters had won.

Pipelines are essential for the safe and efficient transport of oil and natural gas, which is why the protesters have fought the building of pipelines. If they can shutdown and cancel the construction of pipelines they will be making it more difficult to use fossil fuels.

More blackouts aren’t the only risk when pipelines are cancelled or shut down.

The Looming Energy Crisis established that blackouts are likely to happen in New England, partly because New York State has prevented the building of a new pipeline to bring cheap Marcellus natural gas to the New England States.

The cancellation of the Atlantic Coast pipeline means that cheap natural gas from Marcellus shale won’t be available to the people and industries in the Atlantic coastal States. This makes the construction of efficient low-cost natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plants more difficult.

Shutting the Dakota Access pipeline would have meant that oil from the Bakken would have to be transported by rail, which is less safe than transporting it by pipeline.

Natural gas provides cheap electricity for people and industry, low-cost heating for homes and businesses, and is a feedstock for chemical plants.

Americans are being targeted for harm when activists take aim at fossil fuels.

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