Amazon’s Net-Zero Emissions

Amazon’s Net-Zero Emissions

Amazon has been criticized for delivering millions of packages to customers each year, which resulted in increased CO2 emissions from delivery trucks. Specifically, its been reported that emissions increased 15% in 2019 over the prior year.

To placate its critics, Amazon announced it will establish an investment fund, called the Climate Pledge Fund. 

Amazon said it will invest $2 billion in “all sizes and stages [of companies], from pre-product startups to well-established enterprises.”

“Each prospective investment will be judged on its potential to accelerate the path to zero carbon and help protect the planet for future generations.”

While investing in technology is fundamentally good, it will not reduce Amazon’s CO2 emissions as long as they persist in delivering packages.

As pointed out in The Looming Energy Crisis, the concept of net-zero emissions is a phony mantra that makes advocates of catastrophic global warming feel good.

From Amazon Website

Somehow, planting trees in outer Mongolia will offset the CO2 emissions from delivering packages?  But there is a conflicting concept in this instance, because advocates claim that burning wood, i.e., trees, doesn’t really emit CO2 because the trees sequestered the CO2 as they grew.

The trees planted to offset Amazon’s CO2 emissions sequestered CO2 for that purpose, but if they are burned, the CO2 that was sequestered to offset Amazon’s delivery of packages has been rereleased into the atmosphere.

Planting trees sequesters CO2, while burning the trees releases CO2 that’s been sequestered to create net-Zero CO2 emissions for Amazon.

Net-Zero gets very confusing.

The fact is, net-zero doesn’t accomplish anything except provide feel-good, political cover for industries that claim their emissions are net-zero.

Most investments, such as planting trees, take several years to mature and create benefits. Cutting CO2 emissions in 2030 won’t remove any CO2 from the atmosphere that Amazon’s delivery trucks have added this year.

All in all, if Amazon makes investments that improve efficiency or creates new products that benefit the economic development of the world, that’s good. 

Making investments under the mantra of zero-net emissions is a waste of money. Money that could have been used to increase efficiency or create new products that benefit mankind.

Net-Zero emissions is a dangerous mirage. See The Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts inevitable?

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Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable?

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8 Replies to “Amazon’s Net-Zero Emissions”

  1. Many organizations, including governments, export their CO2 emissions to somewhere else, import goods produced using high emissions from those places, and claim they have cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. Amazon delivered Squeaky’s cat food on the 2nd! Like a fine wine his tastes in wet cat food have changed over the years.

    Amazon has been on the boob tube lately in my area touting their new fleet of EV delivery trucks. A knowledgeable project member located in San Diego explained how the effort was part of the net zero goals. I couldn’t tell what vehicle(s) were part of the fleet from the ad.

    I assume the net zero goals are tracked using financial metrics such REC. If the fleet of EV’s were drawing energy from the CA grid at 6:40 am on the 2nd less than 2% of the juice would of been from wind and solar sources.

    At 6:40 in the morning the Net Demand on the CAISO grid was 25113MW. The Demand was 25529MW. This means that any fleet vehicles charging at that time only had 316 MW available from the entire grid from wind, PV and CSP sources of generation.

    I am in favor of LADWP’s approach to what should count towards net demand- add in nuclear, large hydro, pumped hydro, behind the meter PV and the other approved RE sources not include in the current Net Demand graph (biomass, biogas, geothermal, etc.).

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Net Zero Carbon is am elusive concept, which, I believe, is intended for the purpose of obfuscation, that is, to take everyone’s eyes off the real target which is zero carbon.