Europe Admits Paris Accord Will Fail

Europe Admits Paris Accord Will Fail

Two of Europe’s most aggressive supporters of the Paris Accord have now issued reports saying that the Paris Accord will fail.

If the Paris Accord will fail, why should any country take actions to drastically cut CO2 emissions?


The most damning admission may be the September report, Energy Transition Outlook 2020, by DNV.

But first, who is DNV?

DNV is “an independent expert in risk management and quality assurance” based in Europe. It has been promoting the energy transition to fight climate change and has an important worldwide voice by operating in over 100 countries.

Here is one of DNV’s headline statements in its latest report Energy Transition Outlook 2020,

“Despite flat energy demand and a growing renewable share, the energy transition is nowhere near fast enough to deliver on the Paris Agreement.”

This is an admission that the Paris Accord is a failure.

DNV goes on to say:

“Even with the rapid changes in energy intensity and renewables penetration we forecast, CO2 emissions are still at half of today’s level in 2050. This is dramatically different from the 50% reduction needed by 2030 and close to net-zero in 2050 required to reach a 1.5°C future.”

DNV also said:

“The market alone will not fix harder-to-abate sectors; stronger policies and regulations are needed.”

In other words, more government interference is needed. DNV also mentions the need for hydrogen and CCS, both of which are fantasies in their own right.

Graphic from DNV report

The graphic says: “In 2050, only 46% of Energy Mix is Non-Fossil.”

Final note on graphic, at lower right: “2% Carbon Budget Exceeded.”


The International Energy Agency (IEA) issued the following report:

“Hydrogen, CCS, and more: Without new clean energy technologies we cannot hit our 2050 emissions targets”

Without a hydrogen economy and Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) there is no hope for the Paris Accord, yet a hydrogen economy is a fantasy and CCS is very limited in  scope, totally inadequate to sequester enough CO2 to be meaningful.

There is even beginning to be recognition of this in Germany.

CLEW (Climate Energy Wire) reported:

“The right-wing nationalist AfD party has called for an end to all major climate action efforts Germany has committed itself to and wants to abandon both the Paris Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal.”

Note that CLEW is a strong supporter of the Paris Accord and automatically denigrates the AfD. AfD is a small, but growing party.

Note also that China has just announced it will be carbon neutral by 2060, not 2050.

While the Europeans applauded this announcement, they ignored the fact that China will still be emitting copious amounts of CO2 prior to 2050, and thereby making it even more difficult to meet the Paris Accord. 

These reports are a wakeup call for why we should not fall into the trap of cutting CO2 emissions to comply with the Paris Accord that’s going to fail anyway.

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