We Need Blackouts

We Need Blackouts

The Boston Review says:

“The average American household uses electric resources far beyond its needs.”

It goes on to say:

“Demand for electricity” may be the main problem.

And then the article says: 

“People living in single family houses should go without electricity a few hours every day. Those of us fortunate enough to live in houses—can tolerate intermittency.”

According to the Boston Review, Americans are “addicted to electrical continuity.

Here we have the media saying that Americans don’t need reliable electricity. Americans are spoiled, wanting to be able to flip the light switch while being certain the lights will come on.

The idea that Americans can tolerate blackouts is preposterous.

We are not a third world country like Zimbabwe … at least not yet.

The fact is, we are closer to being a third world country than most Americans realize. 

From Boston Review website

Wind and solar are being forced onto the grid, while nuclear, coal and natural gas power plants are being deliberately forced from the grid.

What’s left is intermittent, unreliable wind and solar which will result in blackouts. Rolling blackouts can be scheduled, but if the wind stops abruptly, blackouts can come as a surprise. 

If you are in an elevator in a 20-story building and a blackout occurs, you may spend several hours with others crammed into an elevator without lighting or air-conditioning.

Even if blackouts are scheduled, they will disrupt your routine. Dinner may be cold, or you may spend the evening using candles to bide your time until the lights come back on. Or maybe they won’t for a day or two?

But, according to Boston Review, you are spoiled if you believe you are entitled to reliable electricity.

This is how far down the Rabbit Hole the left has taken us.

Learn more about how the left is manipulating the electric grid. Read, The Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable?


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Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable?


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