Mexico: Renewables Should Pay for Backup

Mexico: Renewables Should Pay for Backup

Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) Director Manuel Bartlett, has called for renewables, wind and solar, to pay for the backup they need.

He recognizes that wind and solar are getting a free ride by not paying for the support they need to ensure grid reliability.

Mexico uses natural gas to back up intermittent wind ad solar, and the cost of backup will go much higher when storage has to be added to the grid.

Bartlett asked:

“Do you think it’s fair for the CFE to subsidize these companies that don’t produce power all day?”

He also said that wind and solar should pay for transmission. 

Most wind and solar installations are built long distances from where the power is used.

Several dozen renewable plants have been prevented from connecting to the grid, with Bartlett explaining that the grid must be reliable during the covid crisis.

The government is seeking more control over who can supply electricity to the grid, again citing the covid pandemic as the reason why reliable electricity is needed.

Typical US wind installation

Wind and solar cannot, by themselves, guarantee reliability.

While the situation in Mexico was unusual, it is based on common sense and facts.

As shown by The Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable?, the grid in the United States is being put in danger by auctions that ensure wind and solar are always added to the grid ahead of more reliable natural gas and nuclear power plants.

In addition, they also don’t pay for the backup and storage needed for grid reliability.

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You can read the introduction and look at the Table of Contents here:

Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable?


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  1. This should obviously be a rule for all grids. The notion that someone has a right to sell electricity to the grid, at whatever price the government orders, is nonsense.

    The grid should only buy electricity that allows it to fulfil its function; to make sure that when I push the switch the light comes on.

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