Buying a House Without Plumbing

Buying a House Without Plumbing

A house without plumbing and cooking facilities costs a lot less than a house with all the necessary features.

It’s analogous to building wind and solar power plants, where many of the costs aren’t included.

A house without all the needed facilities may look like a house and is certainly less expensive, but it won’t actually allow the house to be used for the purpose for which it was built.

The homeowner would have to find other facilities in which to do their needed daily activities, such as bathing and cooking.

The same is true with wind and solar. They look like power plants, and provide some of the features of a power plant, but can’t provide all the services required of a power plant.

Wind and solar are intermittent and unreliable. They need other investments for them to provide electricity reliably.

They need backup and investments in storage.

It would be unfair, and in fact ludicrous, to put two homes on the market, one fully equipped and the other without plumbing and cooking facilities, and say that the house without the necessary facilities is a better buy than the those with all the needed facilities, and expect buyers not to see the difference.

But that’s what’s happening with wind and solar.

The proponents of wind and solar are saying that their incomplete wind and solar power plants are cheaper than natural gas and nuclear power plants, so wind and solar should be built in place of natural gas and nuclear power plants that are fully equipped to provide electricity reliably.

The fact is, this is happening today when RTO/ISOs, who manage the grid, and use auctions that exclude the cost of storage and backup, which results in wind and solar displacing natural gas and nuclear power plants.

We need to buy houses that are fully equipped, not houses that are mere shells of houses that can be lived in.

The same is true for wind and solar. 

We need to build natural gas and nuclear power plants capable of reliably providing the electricity we need.

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2 Replies to “Buying a House Without Plumbing”

  1. Donn; thanks for posting this. I read all these pro-wind and pro-solar articles on line that breathlessly proclaim that some huge percentage of all new electric utility “capacity” installed each year is from wind farms and solar arrays and it makes my head hurt.

    No…it is not “capacity” any more than me randomly turning my lights off when I leave a room is “capacity”.