Texas and The Looming Energy Crisis

Texas and The Looming Energy Crisis...

Texas is now experiencing the blackouts predicted by the book, The Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable.

Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable?
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A new video, using the book as the source, explains why Texas is experiencing blackouts as cold weather and snow make wind and solar energy unworkable.

Chapter 15, not covered in the video, explains why reserve margins are deteriorating, not only in Texas, but also in other areas of the country.

Watch the video to see why we are in danger of blackouts, not jut in Texas.

Auctioning Blackouts by ClearEnergyAlliance.com

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10 Replies to “Texas and The Looming Energy Crisis”

  1. Great video. I sent the info to my brother in Corpus Christi whose water fountain froze into an ice sculpture.

  2. Great video.

    Earlier today I confirmed that 3 to 5 semi truck sized diesel generators are no longer being stored at my local substation. I assume they are on their way to help bring Texas’s grid back up.

    As Jason Makanski noted a few years ago “You Can’t Built Infrastructure With Ideology” (1)

    1) Chapter 4 Preventing the Worst Case. Lights Out. The Electricity Crisis, the Global Economy, and What it Means to You.

    • Thanks. Chapter 15 in my book featured in the video, essentially explains what happened in Texas.
      Ideology created their problem.

  3. Donn – Thanks for sharing. I have subscribed to the YT channel and looking forward to watching “Battery Magic.” Your books are so easy to read considering the topics you address. People have to experience something before they will listen. The propaganda for renewables and Climate Change have been so powerful that even many scientists and engineers have been dumbed down. This current crisis will be blamed on Climate Change and there will be a call for more renewables. Follow the money.

  4. This has lots of good information. Unknown to many. Have sent it to others who live in Texas and other states

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