Wind and Solar Realities

Wind and Solar Realities

The Texas blackouts made everyone aware of the risks associated with wind and solar, as well as bad management by ERCOT.

This video will describe two of the important shortcomings of wind and solar.

These are the facts that exist today.

This video explains two of the issues concerning the management of our electric grid.

There are other important issues affecting how the electric grid is being managed.

The first book describing these issues is The Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable, highlighted by the video.

The second book is Shorting the Grid, by Meredith Angwin.

Both books explain how RTO/ISOs are manipulating the bidding process for determining which sources of electricity are used each day on the grid. And how the bidding process is forcing nuclear power, coal and natural gas power plants from the grid. And how wind and solar are being used inappropriately in reserve margins.

The Texas disaster has been a warning we should take seriously.

I have sent this video to my state senator and representative. I hope you do the same so that the dangers being created by RTO/ISOs are brought to light.

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10 Replies to “Wind and Solar Realities”

    • I certainly hope they do get the message.
      That’s why I’m suggesting we all contact our state senators and representatives. Any message to them will likely get to them, while in DC, it’s difficult to get through to our senators and representatives because their staffs screen all incoming messages

  1. Great Easter gifts. Instead of giving chocolate Easter bunnies to your liberal kids, give a copy of this book and a link to the video. Both are non-fattening and very educational.

  2. Don, while you discuss renewables – wind and solar – you do not mention that much of the Texas problem is due to the failed experiment of open energy markets e.g., so called competition. Enron showed that manipulating the market was rather easy and setting a cap of $9,000 per mwh is complete insanity. This is a great example of government interference.

    • If you are referring to the RTO/ISOs I agree. These bureaucratic organizations, sponsored by FERC, have politicized our electric grid. For example, they have implemented policies that are driving nuclear power from the grid. The two books that decribe what has happened are Shorting the Grid, by Meredith Angwin, and The Looming Energy Crisis, Are Blackouts Inevitable by Donn Dears, me.

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